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Friday June 7, 2013

The UFO Contact Experience

 Legendary science reporter and broadcaster Ralph Steiner presents his new documentary the UFO Contact Experience this week on Pacifica Radio. Listen to this riveting interview about the story BEHIND it! Ralph Steiner's new audio documentary is a mind opening, mind blowing MUST LISTEN experience! Here, Whitley Strieber talks to Ralph about the creation of the documentary and picks his brain about some truly amazing stories of contact from among the military and government officials. Stunning stuff, Dreamland at it's mind-bending BEST!

Listeners using Apple iPhone and iPad, please download the MP3 Music Player Free app from the app store and listen through the app if you are finding the programming stream stopping after 10--12 minutes.

Ralph Steiner's website is TheEdgeofScience.com.

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HAARP Controversy and NEW Testimony About the Eisenhower Alien Meeting

First, we listen for the first time to new testimony about the alleged 1954 meeting between President Eisenhower and a delegation of aliens at Muroc Field in California. Then Whitley Strieber and Ralph Steiner discuss what might have happened and how, if it did, it has had a devastating influence on human life, and is a major turning point in history.

Then Ralph discloses some extremely disturbing and unexpected information about the government's HAARP program. Think it's what they say it is? Think again. Think it's about weather control? Think again. This is a real mind blower--which is also what HAARP could be!

Ralph Steiner is a Dreamland Most Popular Guest for a reason. His information is outstanding, brilliantly presented and full of revelations. To get more Ralph Steiner in the Dreamland Archive, go to our homepage, click on Advanced Search (gold O+ on the right side of the masthead) click on Dreamland and Special Interviews and input the name Ralph Steiner. For his terrific 2011 interview on some of the darkest secrets that he knows, click here.

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I'm going to pretend I know what I am talking about.

Our explorations into this must be focused on Love and Light. Keep your mind and heart centered on kindness and compassion towards these beings and the experience. Consider they are just as afraid of you and the difficulties they also have. Allow no room for fear in your mind; it is ALL filled with compassion and love. There is no ROOM for anything else!

If a strange being peeks around the corner at you try not to get too upset but say "Hello Beautiful, come closer so we can talk!" Know in your heart that they need you and are as much in love with you as you are with them. Put on the Mantle of Authority combined with kindness. Imagine yourself wearing the robes of an Ascended Master they are here to learn from you about your World. Don't give away your Power to them, they don't want it!

The adepts of Tibetan Buddhism aren't a bunch of mamby-pamby pacifists because they are cowards or weaklings. They work in a realm of awesome forces and powers. Their gentle nature is the only way they can survive in this arena. If the rest of the human race is to follow them we need to understand what we are working with here. It can be dangerous stuff to fool around with. It also can be what saves us in the long run.

As for the Big Disclosure every wants so badly; I think the powerful people keep this a secret because -in their minds at least, it would be tantamount to passing out Hand Grenades to the general public.

Ah thanks but I don't use a PC, I use Mac and it works fine on the computer just not on the iPhone or iPad.

I figured it out. I downloaded a free MP3 player, and just put the URL to the file into it and voila... success.

Moving files around in the iPad is not the same as the computer. On a Mac if you wanted to listen to a MP3 in a different app, you just drag the icon of the file over the app you want to use. But on the iPad I wasn't sure how the player worked but then I figured it out. You have to copy the URL of the MP3, put it into the browser of the MP3 player and it will grab it and play it and even keep it if you want.

I'm glad you got it working Jane. Having been raised on PCs, MACs to me are Alien Technology.

...working fine here in old europe.

...working fine here in old europe.

Things aren't happening (an allusion of course) because they are happening! LL is well in the known of the unknown!

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