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Saturday January 15, 2011

The True Mystery of the Unknown

You've never heard of Jeff Kripal, but he's a prominent professor of religion and philosophy at Rice University, and he's written the best analysis of the work of Whitley Strieber that has ever been published. He understands the close encounter experience deeply, but with a professional academic's rigorous mind.

So, what does he think of the edge of reality? Is it just folklore, or are we reacting to something real? Listen as he discusses writers like Charles Fort, the great chronicler of strange events, in ways that you have never heard before.

His book, Authors of the Impossible, takes a clear-eyed and open minded look at what is strange in our world. He says, "I'm trying to develop a vision of human nature that is much more expansive." He began in the Christian mystical tradition, explored Hinduism and Buddhism, and went from there to the Esalen Institute in California, where he began to encounter UFO researchers and others, and came to realize that the vast unknown that surrounds us should be taken seriously as "part of the natural world that we don't yet understand."

Food for the mind this week on Dreamland, and support for the soul. Visit Jeff here.

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The Truth Behind the Unknown

What does a highly qualified academic researcher think of the work of Whitley Strieber? Whitley Strieber and Jeff Kripal talk about Whitley's upcoming Communion sequel, and Jeff's deep understanding of what the whole modern experience of the unknown means.

This is one of the most intimate and searching conversations we've ever heard from the very private Whitley Strieber. Jeff Kripal opens him up and offers extraordinary insights of value to every close encounter witness and everybody who is interested in this strange unknown.

Whitley tells a stunning, overwhelmingly powerful story of what it was like to hold a visitor in his arms, something he has never discussed before. And yet, what was really happening?

Jeff is one of the first serious academics to take an open-minded look at the people of the edge like Whitley, and to actually listen to what they are saying. Exciting, original discussion. Unforgettable and transforming.

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One of the most interesting discussions I have heard in a while....well reasoned ,warm and engaging.I wish more academics were open minded and humble like Dr. Kripal

Warmest Regards

Bill McCallum
kelowna B.C.

This was AMAZING. Thank you.

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