Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday September 4, 2010

the Trillion Dollar Conspiracy

Jim Marrs has written a devastating new book calledThe Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, and you will never forget the information you will get from this fiery, impassioned interview with Whitley Strieber.Listen as Jim Marrs lays it out: there are no real political parties. It's all an illusion. And worse, the people waiting in the wings to replace the incumbents are at least as bad and probably worse. Why? The reason is simple: as Jim points out, Prince Philip, one of the leaders of the global establishment said, if he could be reincarnated after he died, he would want to come back as a deadly virus that would solve the population problem.

And who is that problem? Not the folks in the limousines, you can be sure. YOU are the problem, and you need to take action to save yourselves and your children.

Listen and find out not only what's wrong, but what we can do to save ourselves from an elite that is out of touch, out of control and, frankly, just plain out to lunch.

Jim's website is JimMarrs.com.

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This interview was insulting. By calling Obama a socialist, he showed himself to be just another right wing moron. Please leave politics off of this site.

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