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February 17, 2016
The Aztec UFO Crash has been dismissed as a hoax almost as often as Roswell, but, like Roswell, every indication is that it really happened. Why do we assert this with such conviction? Because of the exhaustive research of Scott and Suzanne Ramsey and Dr. Frank Thayer, who have spent 30 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the case....
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May 20, 2015
Whitley Strieber, Jaime Maussan and Linda Moulton Howe join together to discuss the controversial "alien body" slides that Jaime presented at the "Be Witness" project in Mexico City on May 5. Linda Moulton Howe drops the biggest bombshell in the history of the program. Later, the Maussan's slides were brought into question. A...
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March 6, 2015
General Arthur Exon, former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, spoke to Whitley Strieber about the Roswell Incident. It turns out that he also gave a rare interview to Ralph Steiner. Listen as they compare notes for the first time! Why did General Exon open the door to Whitley, and what happened to him after Whitley introduced...
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September 13, 2013
Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have just published a groundbreaking and definitive book about the Roswell Incident that—incredibly—is full of new revelations and new research of the very highest order. For example, they have solved the mystery of "Hangar 18" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. If you go to Wright-Pat and ask to...
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September 30, 2011
Long time KPFA broadcaster Ralph Steiner has amassed a remarkable group of recordings of news announcements and interviews about the Roswell Incident. This edition of Dreamland begins with a recording of the first radio news report about the crash, and then Ralph takes us through a terrific history of Roswell, as told in interviews and recordings...
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