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August 7, 2015
There are dark energies abroad in our world. Why, for example, did Islamic Jihad start as soon as the Cold War ended? Was this just an accident, or is there somebody behind the scenes at work who has an interest in keeping our world in a perpetual state of conflict? We go deep into the occult and demonic side of modern underground Nazism,...
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July 31, 2015
Joseph Farrell joins us for week one of one of the deepest explorations of the influence of Nazism in modern life that you will ever hear. Did you know that even though representatives of the German Army and the German Nation signed surrender documents at the end of World War II, the Nazi Party did no such thing. Listen as Joseph Farrell tells us...
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December 26, 2014
Catherine Austin Fitts, Linda Moulton Howe, Jeremy Vaeni, Jim Marrs, Peter Levenda and Joseph Farrell tell us their expectations for the future in this two-week special edition of Dreamland. In this 90 minute special, six of our frequent guests discuss their expectations for the new year and the future that lies beyond. Catherine Austin Fitts...
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November 28, 2014
Last week's Dreamland on the breakaway civilization was a shocking, brilliantly informative show. This week, Richard Dolan comes aboard and he, Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell go EVEN FARTHER, this time into the way the technologies involved must work, who the breakaways are, where they can be found, and what their existence may mean to...
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November 21, 2014
There is substantial evidence that another human civilization exists that is far in advance of our own. But who are they, and how have they gained their technological advantage? This week, we begin a two week discussion with Joseph Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts and Richard Dolan about the breakaway civilization, what it is, why it...
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September 12, 2014
Thrice-Great Hermitica and the Janus Age. What can that mean? How does it relate to the way power works in our world? Joseph Farrell goes deep into the underworlds of power in this explosive interview. He starts by explaining to us what the Janus Age means, then goes on to describe the all-important structures beneath the surface of our world that...
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October 18, 2013
Who controls your life? Who decides your future—and whether or not you're going to have one? Not you. Who do your kids depend on for the food on the table and the education—such as it is—that they receive? Not you and not their teachers. We live in what is essentially a vast slave state that is international in scope, upon which...
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August 24, 2012
Joseph Farrell tells the chilling story of his research into a vast underground of advanced aerospace technologies and hidden psychological operations. Nazi scientists, rogue elements within the intelligence community and drug cartels all figure in a nightmarish web that is pursuing an unholy agenda of world domination and the destruction of human...
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September 9, 2011
Chaos is increasing all around us. It is planet-wide, so there is really no place to hide. Survivalist preparations may help, but not for long, because we are looking at much more basic changes than ever before in recorded history, changes that are larger than any we have seen since cities began to appear six thousand years ago.   This...
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