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March 31, 2017
As the dying leave this world, they often get a glimpse of what lies beyond. And often describe what they see to their loved ones. But it goes farther. Much farther. Dead friends and relatives return, sometimes even leaving messages or information that cannot be explained in any conventional way. Listen as famed afterlife witness and researcher...
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March 24, 2017
Freddy Silva has provided some of the most remarkable interviews that Dreamlanders have ever heard, and this one is no exception. Here, he discusses the hidden and very ancient history of resurrection. Was Jesus, alone, raised from the dead, and what does that mean, anyway? What does resurrection have to do with your life and the life of your...
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June 17, 2011
Freddy Silva is one of Dreamland's most frequent and most popular guests. Now he has published what Whitley Strieber considers one of the most important books ever written about our lost past. What is so incredible is that Freddy has figured out how to actually use these ancient places of power to reawaken our souls and our memories. In this...
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April 30, 2011
Freddy Silva has been researching crop formations for over thirty years, and has deep understanding of them. Earlier on Dreamland we had Andrew Collins, who feels that the formations are manmade, but not necessarily hoaxes, as he thinks that some of them are made by unknown means by people with special powers. Michael Glickman was with us two...
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