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Friday April 19, 2013

Syncrhonicity, Close Encounters and the Fear Factor

Trish and Rob MaGregor, authors of Aliens in the Backyard, tell of the strange time-synchronicities that seem to herald their appearance in our lives. This discussion of some of the strangest and most powerful cases of abduction reveal how little we actually know about this enigmatic experiences, which is among the most powerful events that can occur in a person's life.

The MacGregors are also authors of the classic 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, Synchronicity and the Other Side and the Everything Dream Book, among others. Here they reveal some startling new discoveries about the hidden inner structure of the close encounter experience that give new meaning to the word 'mystery.'

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The Government, Presidents and UFO Secrets

Between them, Trish and Rob MacGregor and Whitley Strieber have amassed a lot of knowledge about government secrets and what presidents do and do not know about the UFO and alien abduction phenomena. In this discussion, they trade knowledge while we listen in--and learn much that is new about just what our governments are keeping from us and why.

The true reason for UFO secrecy is discussed here, among one of the few places that it is openly revealed in a credible way by people who probably know the truth.

Shocking stuff, filled with both danger and wonder.

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I think the grays come from hyperspace and know how to manipulate and use hyperspace physics. Explains a lot about their crazy stuff. Michio kaku would be pleased and I bet he'd like to pick their minds.

I never realized Bud was this exploitive pervert! Holy Moly, we do learn something new every day.

In the Special Interview, I found what Trish said about domed cities in the future remarkable. Back in the 90s, I was doing an exercise in remote viewing in which I was viewing the skyline of New York City 100 years into the future. What I saw was not skyscrapers, but a domed skyline. I never understood why, until this interview.

Just a correction: There ARE convenience stores on military bases--when we lived on army bases in KS and AZ, they were called "shopettes", they are just like convenience stores. They also have liquor stores and small dept. stores called PXs or BXs, etc.

Anne, who is so turned on and impressed by credentials and titles, acted in a manner that repels her from such circles. It totally disgusted me to listen to her carry on about Budd and I had to shut the interview off and could NOT bare to listen to such low class gossip and trash.

Even if it were all true about Budd, WHICH I doubt, the manner in which Anne disparaged him did NOT reflect at all on a dead man but on her and how vile she really is. Disgusting!

Ann and Whitley keep losing more and more support by being the neighborhood "know-it-alls" and low class gossips. And Whitley wonders why?


I think Anne touched on something that really resonated with me and that was the idea that visitors need us to "see" them before they enter our world. Then later she described this whole phenomenon as a quantum experience. I think that is the gist of the whole thing right there and most of everything can be explained if we approach this through the lens of a quantum baseline instead of the trappings of Newtonian physics. These beings probably follow their laws based closer to the realities of the sub-atomical, so we should really turn our thinking toward that level of understanding. It's been my thinking for quite some time that our future rests on the enormous leaps our world will take in the scientific and technological realms based on quantum field advances. If we shift more of our focus on that, then we will literally discover new worlds.

Fix the typo in the title please. "Synchronicity" is misspelled. It bothers me. Proofreader needed prior to posting.

I've read most of Budd's books, and while I think he did admirable work, it seems to me that he was never really able to step beyond the "nuts and bolts" hypothesis regarding the visitors. David Jacobs and Stan Friedman fit in this category as well. But the nature of the phenomenon demands that we go beyond this level of thinking. Whitley, the late (and lamented) Dr. Mack, and Jacques Vallee have all demonstrated to us that the phenomenon is much more multifaceted, and demands a broader analysis.

this is an amazing video about the kind of ecological restoration that you are talking about in the subscriber interview. Fantastic, beautiful and uplifting - it gives me hope for our species that we are starting to understand this.

Just had to say that Anne's voice sounded like her thyroid might be stressed, and in need of treatment. Standard medical tests don't always pick up thyroid exhaustion, so if she is feeling run down or less healthy that normal, perhaps a good naturopath.

Also, glad you explained the tar baby thing. I have been badly misunderstood when using that term because most people do not know the story. I loved the Uncle Remus stories!

I agree, Tracy, that there are things that we simply cannot see though they may be nearby because we simply have not developed certain capabilities. I have often wondered how we would see aliens, and whether we might see them if we learned to see differently. What if their appearances and contacts are intended not to make contact but as sort of signs to arouse a deep curiosity in us, at least, in many of us that can lead us to look outside our dominant paradigms and become more receptive seemingly extraordinary possibilities.


Sange, I must agree. I recently listened to this episode of Dreamland on a flight while travelling for work and I was appalled at Anne's statements about both Budd Hopkins as well as David Jacobs. Whether what Anne shared is true or not, this kind of gossip is unbecoming and to put it bluntly, just plain gross.

Anne and Whitley, what bothers me even more than the fact these things were said is that the two of you didn't have the sense of judgement to edit Anne's juvenile comments out before posting the podcast. The UFO community already has a difficult time getting respect without petty infighting and borderline slanderous comments toward one another. This is NOT the sort of content I was expecting to get when I subscribed.

Okay, I will correct myself... Anne is NOT vile and trashy, but her actions were..., JUDGING the DEED and not the person.

Human frailty is a given. I exhibited some measurable frailty of my own by making that comment about Anne without getting in touch with my emotions, before doing so. You see, my emotions love both Anne and Whitley very much. It is the ego that was offended. Am I any better than Anne?

No one is perfect on this planet..., so NO I am not, based on how I responded to the gossip.

I was being intolerant. Anne was being intolerant. I am so tired of seeing, hearing, and feeling BAD things. I try so hard to look for the good and LET MY THOUGHTS manifest as GOOD THINGS. THOUGHTS are THINGS! How are we ever going to evolve if we do not harness the more basic of petty, low energy emotions? Power Vs. Force, by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D

I forgive myself and Anne for those frailties.

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