Andrew Collins returns with major new findings about the ancient Gobekli Tepe site, currently among the world's greatest archaeological mysteries.  But now THAT MYSTERY HAS DEEPENED. Listen as Andrew explains to Whitley just what we now know about what was going on at Gobekli Tepe, and why it is so astonishing.

Modern archaeology cannot accept the truth about the past, which is that something was happening that simply does not fit the established narrative.

 A big part of the mission of Dreamland is uncovering hidden truths, and this show qualifies as a classic example of that.

What is the connection between Gobekli Tepe and the stars? Why did the builders keep constructing new sites and burying the old ones—over the fantastic span of 1,500 years! What secret did they know that kept them working on this for such a long time. (No project in our own time has even come close to being maintained for so long.)

So who were they, really? What were they doing, and why? And, above all, what does it mean to us right now, because it does contain a hidden meaning, and a powerful one.

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