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Friday March 2, 2012

Strange Sounds Continue, but WHAT ARE THEY?

People continue to record unexplained sounds worldwide. Linda Moulton Howe asks an expert for the real story and discovers that the answers so far put forward on the internet are essentially all incorrect. But what does a real expert have to say about these sounds? He says, "certainly someting is making those noises," but he doesn't think, for example, that it's solar activity. There are no known sounds caused by solar flares or coronal mass ejections.

Linda asks the question, "what if they are weapons?" She describes Project Medusa and others, raising the chilling possibility that the sounds could
be an intentional effort to spread fear and deception. But Whitley and Linda go beyond that, into ideas about overlapping dimensions, alien presence and ultra-high strangeness that you just won't hear discussed with this level of authority and insight anywhere else in the world.

So what is happening, and should we be worried, not worried at all, or very, very worried? Linda Moulton Howe lifts the veil on what might be a very important mystery.

Linda's website is Earthfiles.com. Visit Earthfiles.com every day to discover the latest mysteries of science and the unknown.

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What if the visitors show up all over the world in numbers? What if there is a magnetic pole shift? What if something else happens that changes the world very suddenly and very profoundly? In this talk, Whitley Strieber discusses the kinds of sudden change that could appear without warning, and the profound ways in which they could alter the way we live and think and perceived the world around us.

Whitley has experienced such change and not only survived but grown as a person because of it. We also can do this, even if the change takes place on a massive scale and the world around us is in chaos. Inner knowledge that it is possible both for this to happen and for us to survive it are the two primary reasons that most of us have been attracted to Unknowncountry. Listen as Whitley describes just how to weather a change that completely revises the way reality works, and how doing this successfully will lead not to chaos and pain and fear, but to understanding and an ecstatic new compact with the world around us--the real world, that is concealed behind the illusion of time.

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i could not access the show??? Any ideas how to access it?

There was apparently a glitch somewhere in the internet backbone. The show is available and functioning normally. Please try refreshing your browser. It is not a problem on our end.

The Bob Dylan line keeps going round and round my brain: You know that somethings happening and you don't know what it is, do you Mr Jones?
And now we are all Mr Jones.

According to those in contact with the Andromeda Council, like Alex Collier and Tolec, these sounds in Virginia and now North Carolina are a result of the destruction of reptilian/Illuminati underground bases...according to journalist Ben Fulford, the sounds are the nuking of NWO/Illuminati/black cabal bases by the "whute hats" in the gov and the White Dragon Society from Asia, basiacally an order of Yakuza and intelligence officers fighting against the NWO/Rothschild/Federal Reserve cabal.

Fulford is odd but cannot be ignored for what he reports. Last week he reported that US Treasury Sec Timothy Geithner was detained by NYPD, questioned, and let go after he sang and gave names of those in the gov/Wall Street/Fed Reserve up to financial crimes within the Bush Crime Family and Illuminati cabal...for days people on the net mocked him, said he was insane, on drugs...but now the mainstream media, even Fox, reports that Geithner was indeed detained and he sang...

It seems the black cabal and the evil reptilians controlling them are seeing their power fading away as more people become consciously aware to the truth and the 2012 dimnesional shift...

...and you know that something's happening but you don't know what it is; Do you, Mr. Jones???

Thank you for this show. The information is very important.

Such a Great interview Thanks!!!

Worfpoe can you contace me at chevydog56@hotmail.com please. I am interested in what you wrote. Thanks.

interesting that some of the places the horn sounds were heard just had massive tornado damage... :-\

No subscriber show this week?

In response to Linda Moulton Howe's latest report on Dreamland.
I, too, live in Arlington, WA and I also heard the loud, ongoing noises one week ago today.
At first, it sounded like a large sortie of high altitude heavy planes and I thought of B52s headed East to Fairchild Air Force Base in Eastern WA, just West of Spokane, WA.
However, the noise seemed to get louder and lasted much longer than it seemed it should have. Then I thought that the entire wing of aircraft from Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, West of Arlington, in Puget Sound, had scrambled. Arlington is directly under the training flight path and we hear jets often. The more I noticed it, the sound became a roar loud enough to rattle windows and seemed to be coming from everywhere. This, I thought, was defiantly not Navy fighters.
I called our local fire station and the man on duty said that he could also hear the roar but was at a loss to explain it.
All in all, I'd guess the sound lasted for fifteen to twenty minutes (much to long for a flight of planes), then, it just stopped like someone turned off a gigantic motor.
At about the point of the loudest roar, I walked out on my second story deck to look for jets and noticed that the ducks in the large pond on the property, about two dozen, had all scattered. It was overcast that day so no sightings were possible.
I know that this sounds redundant and after the fact. I just wanted to give some confirmation to the earlier reports.

Hi Ed -

When you say ' turned off like a gigantic motor' - do you mean the sound was instant, or that it wound down slowly decreasing in pitch and volume? I guess it depends on whether you think of gas/diesel or electric when someone says motor.


The noise just stopped... no wind down... no Doppler effect... just noise one second and nothing the next.
Sorry that I didn't make that clear.

In addition to my last post. There are a few lumber mills around Snohomish County near Arlington. Just to make sure, I visited the three closest ones to my home today. These mills incorporate huge amounts of live steam during production and have gigantic boilers. I asked around if a boiler had popped off or maybe a live steam pipe had burst... "No nothing like that occurred"; yet everyone I talked to also remembered hearing a "Vibrating Roar" that day.

Yes there is Eugene, check on the right side of the home page, why it isn't listed here is beyond me..


I have found the two stories that Dreamland has done on strange noises very interesting. After listening to the Kiev sound and and others like it played on the Dreamland broadcasts, I would like to add a small bit of information to this discussion.
I dabble in creating electronic music. The sounds that I have heard could be created on modern synthesizer or sampling equipment with only moderate skill. This would also allow the sounds to be amplified very easily. I don't know how anyone could amplify them enough to be heard over the distances that have been witnessed, and maintaining a clean tone like that over distance using any PA system I have known would be quite a feat. Still, though strange and surreal, the actual sounds themselves would not be that difficult to produce.

The subscriber interview is listed. It's right at the top of this page, where it usually is.

Thanks a lot.

No, it is listed on the home page. It used to be listed underneath the general public interview.

This is a very good show. However, Linda does not explain "branes" very well. The term brane comes from the word membrane. So if you think of two blobs of jello, as Linda described the 5th dimension, each surrounded by its own membrane or brane, bumping up against each other, you get a better mental picture. This helps me to visualize what she describes.

thinking about the comments on those metal boxes--this might not be the right show because I listen to them all together--Has Linda checked area scrapyards. That much metal would make a scavenger a few bucks

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