Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday May 16, 2009

Steve Quayle

Have an opinion about Steve Quayle? Most people do, and in this amazing, searching and powerful edition of Dreamland, you will hear him talk more openly about the subjects he covers than perhaps you have ever heard before.

Whitley Strieber knows just the right questions, and they trigger a rapid-fire explosion of information from Steve that is totally unforgettable. They discuss everything from the murders of microbiologists and how this has added to the threat of pandemics, to the nature and power of sacred sites, and even beyond that.

Fasten your seatbelt and get out your notebook for this fiercely intense edition of Dreamland with Steve Quayle.

Steve?s website is SteveQuayle.com, and his live radio show, the Q-Files, can be heard every afternoon from five to six mountain time. Whitley Strieber appeared on the program on Tuesday, May 12, and his interview is available in Steve's archives.

This program was accidentally removed and another program was substituted. The Steve Quayle program has been restored. We regret the error.

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