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Friday March 7, 2014

Starfire Tor's Rain Prediction Works

On February 6, Whitley Strieber asked Starfire Tor during the recording of the Februrary 14 show if she could bring rain to parched California. Later that day, she emailed him that she was trying. There was no rain in the forecast. When the show aired, still no rain. But by the end of the month, a deluge. This is the second time Whitley has witnessed a Starfire rain prediction come true, and it's why we're having Starfire back to explain exactly what happened and why she thinks her Reality Shift Manifestation played a part in it.

Whitley Strieber says, "We live in a world that refuses to recognize the whole of reality. Just as UFO summoner Robert Bingham could bring UFOs to a crowd of people in downtown Los Angeles last week, Starfire Tor seems to be onto something with her Reality Shift Manifestation technique. We need to get into these new areas of human empowerment, explore them with open minds, and learn how to use them."

Dreamland is about empowerment. This program speaks directly and profoundly to that aim. Listen and learn.

Starfire Tor can be found on Facebook. Her website is StarfireTor.com.

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What is Reality Shift Manifestation and Can Its Power be Increased

On Dreamland, Whitley Strieber and Starfire Tor discuss the fact that her attempt to manifest rain for drought-parched Southern California appears to have worked. One would think this could be a coincidence, but it's the SECOND TIME that Starfire has operated one of her manifestations in order to bring rain.

Whitley and Anne Strieber have personally experienced what she calls time slips, which have been reported extensively on this website and discussed with her on Dreamland and in special interviews.

She is tapping into something real and it seems possible that it could offer a serious avenue to empowerment at a time when it is becoming clear that conventional methods of doing things like staving off climate change and dangerous cosmic events simply are not going to work.

Right now, the eastern half of the United States, the UK and portions of Europe are all experiencing horrendous weather due to the fact that the polar vortex has slipped to the south. This has happened because the Jet Stream has moved far southward and slowed down, and THIS has happened because the Gulf Stream has weakened. In other words, the Superstorm scenario is starting to unfold.

At the same time, more and more space debris is showing up, as happened yesterday (Wednesday, March 5) when an object that had been discovered only days before zipped past Earth at a distance of a few thousand miles, and two weeks ago when a huge object struck the moon.

This is all handwriting on the wall and the question has to be asked, can anything be done, given that our conventional institutions have nothing to offer?

Could Reality Shift Manifestation work? It has before. Would it work better if an organized team was involved? Listen as Whitley Strieber and Starfire Tor discuss these possibilities, and get ready to join that team!

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I would love to be part of any team that Whitley and Starfire put together.

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