Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday December 12, 2009

The Starchild Skull-New Findings

It has recently been proved that the famous "Starchild" skull that Lloyd Pye has been researching for 11 years is not the skull of a child, and that, while it contains human mitochondrial DNA from its mother, it ALSO contains other DNA from its father that has not been identified.

Listen as Lloyd Pye takes us through the continuing saga of this artifact, explaining all the latest research and also retuning with us to the moment 900 years ago when an unknown woman partially buried the body of the Starchild, laid its arm across her breast, and committed suicide.

What happened? Why, in the depths of what was then--and is now--a great wilderness, did this drama take place?

Listen also as Whitley Strieber enthralls us with comparisons to what is known about the Starchild to his own direct experiences of nonhuman beings. Only on Dreamland could you hear an interview like this. It is truly enthralling.

Lloyd Pye's websites are LloydPye.com and StarchildProject.com.

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