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Friday May 30, 2014

SPECIAL REPORT: The Human Hybrid Issue

Could it be that the human race is being replaced by a new human-alien species, without our knowing it? This week, Linda Moulton Howe reports on an individual who believes that she is an alien-human hybrid. Linda interviews Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux about Helen's daughter's relationship with a college roommate who they came to understand was an alien-human hybrid after she was observed to have avocado-green eyes with vertical black slits rather than human eyes. (She normally kept them covered with dark glasses, but they slipped off at one point.)

This is the most amazing and sobering story of this strange possibility ever told. Are there alien-human hybrids? The answer appears to be yes, but the larger answer could be absolutely incredible: it could be that the human species that is here now is being replaced by them and that, over time, Earth will no longer belong to mankind as we understand ourselves now, but by a new species, created out of a mixture of us and the very mysterious beings who are engaged in this immense, decades-long project.

This is one of the top few stories ever aired on Dreamland. Do not miss the part about the gift. You will never forget it.

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Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe: Their Hybrid Encounters

Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe have both had encounters with what appeared to them to be alien-human hybrids. In this discussion, they reveal their very personal and shocking impressions of these beings, what they were like, and what they might have been doing.

This will be one of the most unusual discussions you have ever heard on any subject at all. There are some very strange things going on here on Planet Earth, and one of the very strangest is the hybrid issue.

According to the media, the government and the scientific community, the idea that aliens are here is laughable. Meanwhile, as they fail to act, the relationship between us and the aliens who have been here for years deepens and becomes more and more extensive. Should we be letting this happen? And WHY are our own officials pretending that it isn't happen when, in fact, the evidence is overwhelming.

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An interesting story but on visiting the Raechel's Eyes two large alarm bells went off when I read the following:

"Raechel’s Eyes is presented in two parts. Many of the events in Part I were reconstructed from Littrell's memory".
"Helen underwent a two-year-long series of hypnotic regressions that revealed a family history of alien interaction that had not been considered before. It also revealed a connection between Helen Littrell and the Colonel."

So what we have here is, according to the book's website, is a story where many of the events portrayed were reconstructed by memories 'retrieved' via hypnosis.
Unfortunately we don't know how much of this story came from these hypnosis sessions or indeed who performed the hypnosis.
As we've seen in recent revelations involving Dr (of History) David Jacobs and the work of Budd Hopkins from Carol Rainey's accounts, hypnosis is not a reliable means of memory retrieval and is too open to cofabulation and manipulation whether intended or not.

LeeM, I'm story to read about what happened to your mother. I'm wondering-- would you be willing to indicate a bit more about the nature of her neurological disorder? For example, did it involve any deterioration of either frontal lobe, any loss of language ability of any kind, and/or personality changes such as increased disinhibition? I understand if you don't want to specify or say more, but it would help me to know more about this, as your situation may resemble one in my family. Thanks and regards.

Kat8W, I've often wondered about the relationship you invoke between possible "flaws introduced into the human species" and a putative "time when violence, authoritarianism, and the oppression of women [I would add of subgroups of all kinds as well], took over human culture." I have often sensed, just in witnessing the contrast between people for whom empathy seems so natural as to be reflexive, and those to whom it is clearly "alien," that two different species inhabit our world. I do understand that many claim there are now many species and/or mixes among us, but I'm interested in the fact that--without even invoking the possibility of literal aliens or hybrids-- I've long seen a mysterious split among people in general. For separate reasons, I happen also to believe in the likely reality of time-other, space-other, alien, and/or hybrid visitors-- but the point that interests me here is that the split has always been something so real to me that, even from childhood, I could nearly smell it. Sorry to quote you so much, but I find what you say here so poignant and insightful: "I find it difficult to feel very alarmed at the idea of hybridization when right in front of us war, fanaticism, and obvious psychopathy in social organization are happening, right now, and the majority of people are able to do nothing to stop it. We (the majority of us are peaceable folks) are already being controlled and exploited by what might as well be a different species and they're our fathers, brothers (and sometimes mothers and sisters) and others who "look just like us". What more evidence do we need that something is already very, very wrong with the species?" Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

Sorry, LeeM, I just realized I should have posted the following as a "Reply": LeeM, I'm story to read about what happened to your mother. I'm wondering-- would you be willing to indicate a bit more about the nature of her neurological disorder? For example, did it involve any deterioration of either frontal lobe, any loss of language ability of any kind, and/or personality changes such as increased disinhibition? I understand if you don't want to specify or say more, but it would help me to know more about this, as your situation may resemble one in my family. Thanks and regards.

I would like to know who the Nephilim are? The giants existed and were wiped out by the flood but where did the giants come from and were they the Nephilim? If the giants were extraterrestrials why didn't they leave but its implied they were earth bound and so were stricken and annihilated by the flood. The Annunaki created man with their hyperdimensional knowledge and science and a few stayed behind to oversee earth and get earth and man flourish but they fell from grace and corrupted themselves but if these fallen Annunaki are still running things how do these giants fit into the picture? Were they allowed to come to earth to punish man or were they genetically created by the Annunaki and for what purpose? What was the relationship between the giants and cohabiting humans on earth at the time and was this animosity towards humans bred into the giants to hate and kill humans or did the humans and giants start off having an cordial relationship but it soured much later? Transhumanism is really being a Nephilim but your simply computer enhanced. I think transhumanism is a mistake because all you gain is increased abilities in a linear experience however if you follow our original blue print of ascension and the development of higher consciousness than you gain hyperdimensional abilities that are nonexistent to those operating strictly with linear thinking.

Inbred Redneck Alien Abduction (17+)

"My cousin's mamma's pappa had a love-child with an alien!" ... "Dang namnit. The communists under the command of the anti-christ are gonna take Uncle Joe's Moonshine... And rape his grand-daughter again!" ... "Those dastardly aliens."

Looks like you've found a new 'boogeyman' to justify an increase in military expenditure. Fear and hate make a maleable population. I'm sure it'll be easy to goad any of your 2-bit retards into fighting the 'Others,' give 'em their 5 minutes of hate and they'll be just dandy.

... Another "final solution" anybody? Perhaps a little chlorine for a pathogenic bacteria, spreading like gonorrhea.

- - - - -

roger simond wrote:

> I found this interview to be someone's opinion based on extrapolation and projected speculation unfortunately there are many that are naive and gullible and will buy anything.

LeeM wrote:

> I wonder if our interactions with off world intellects will ever be anything but confusing & murky. I suspect that among all species there are good and bad motivations; and technological advancement doesn't necessarily mean ethical advancement.


Orson Green wrote:

> "This may be the story of the Nephilim. "As in the days of Noah..." "

Because the craft seem to be unable to fly and leave Earth and so of course 'they' are "fallen." Sounds like you've been taking the cool-aid with the propaganda. In my experience anyone spreading fear and hate has an agenda and the people who buy into it become pawns, easily manipulated.

> "But what if the "temple" is being genetically looted?"

So... when your excrement is flushed down the toilet, is the toilet 'looting' your DNA?

> "Perhapse being "Born Again" is truly the only way to cleanse the genetic/sin/soul pollution? If we we created in the image of God, then any deviation from that would be evil."

Wow. Hitler believed in something very similar. It's interesting that the most evil, nefarious people usually call on 'God' to justify their ignorance.

Cyan_Aura wrote:

> "Ever since I joined this website, it's been like Dungeons and Dragons."

Yes. Game. A good way to communicate.

Sangelika wrote:

> "I've heard Whitley say, to paraphrase, a war for the human soul is taking place."

Isn't it interesting how intimidated he seems over God and a 'judgment'? That the 'masons' seem to constantly spite 'God,' thet it is a 'killer.' And yet their system has not only partook but created its own tree of knowledge of 'good' and 'evil' where every single person and branch is judged, by them.

You may be 3 tiers out, or rather 2 branches out from a selected 'target,' but you are still judged yae or nae based on their premise.

Anyway, I don't hold their deluded opinions. IMO anyone who would support capitalism is 180 degrees counter to God's will. Not their Luciferian, "nephilim propaganda" get the red-neck fundies into a riot and manipulate them like every other party. No... I think they're starting to realize that their deceptions don't work beyond planet Earth.

Sangelika wrote:

> "the Machiavellian dynamics being used to ruin society in general."

The dialectic does that quite effectively. Probably why they killed everyone from Christ to Ghandi to M.L.K. Those that promote unity and peace... well that would be counter to creating the chaos needed to implement their will.

Beth1 wrote:

> "hysteria frequently accompanies the explanations"


roger simond wrote:

> "I would like to know who the Nephilim are?"

A re-spawned hysteria --fundamentalists who operate under the guise of 'Christians' have popularized certain accounts to spread fear and derision among their peers. Easy to do when you selectively choose excerpts from the Bible. You could have it portray your garden gnome as the devil incarnate, lol.

The same people involved in sowing chaos to implement their own plans are the same calibre of people who lie and deceive to control the masses,.. and the ones who are deceived are just pawns for them to place where they wish.

I found this interview very plausible and very interesting.

Wow. This interview apparently REALLY struck a chord with a lot of people. Linda Howe is getting a lot of feedback about the 'hybrid' issue on her site too. There have been numerous guests and lots of 'out there' interviews on Dreamland over the years, including what I consider more controversial topics than this one and including discussions about hybrids in the past (and let's not forget Whitley's book, 'Hybrids')

So: What is it about this book and these interviews that have people so stirred up?

The news story here at Unknown Country a few days ago discussed hybridization going on right here and now being done by actual human scientists using human and animal DNA, with few comments from anyone.


Two pages of comments for a Dreamland show does happen, but rarely. What's really going on inside of listeners about this show? Why is it different than other shows where hybrids are discussed?

Rock on, Cosmic Librarian. I think you're onto something here. Peace.

From the immortal words of Whitley Strieber, "My God Linda!"

This is one of those books I pick up every year and read again.

Thank you for telling me that.

Thank you for telling me that.

Thank you for telling me that.

Thank you for telling me that.


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