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Friday May 30, 2014

SPECIAL REPORT: The Human Hybrid Issue

Could it be that the human race is being replaced by a new human-alien species, without our knowing it? This week, Linda Moulton Howe reports on an individual who believes that she is an alien-human hybrid. Linda interviews Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux about Helen's daughter's relationship with a college roommate who they came to understand was an alien-human hybrid after she was observed to have avocado-green eyes with vertical black slits rather than human eyes. (She normally kept them covered with dark glasses, but they slipped off at one point.)

This is the most amazing and sobering story of this strange possibility ever told. Are there alien-human hybrids? The answer appears to be yes, but the larger answer could be absolutely incredible: it could be that the human species that is here now is being replaced by them and that, over time, Earth will no longer belong to mankind as we understand ourselves now, but by a new species, created out of a mixture of us and the very mysterious beings who are engaged in this immense, decades-long project.

This is one of the top few stories ever aired on Dreamland. Do not miss the part about the gift. You will never forget it.

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Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe: Their Hybrid Encounters

Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe have both had encounters with what appeared to them to be alien-human hybrids. In this discussion, they reveal their very personal and shocking impressions of these beings, what they were like, and what they might have been doing.

This will be one of the most unusual discussions you have ever heard on any subject at all. There are some very strange things going on here on Planet Earth, and one of the very strangest is the hybrid issue.

According to the media, the government and the scientific community, the idea that aliens are here is laughable. Meanwhile, as they fail to act, the relationship between us and the aliens who have been here for years deepens and becomes more and more extensive. Should we be letting this happen? And WHY are our own officials pretending that it isn't happen when, in fact, the evidence is overwhelming.

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This is an extremely complex subject and I believe its all tied to higher consciousness and the ascension process. Jesus was really the first "that we know" X-Man but you see he didn't possess the powers of these comic heroes and figures instead his gifts were of a spiritual nature that could only be gained by an initiate who proved worthy of them. I don't believe we are being subverted by these hybrids that are now upon the planet because they are very few in number. The offworlders who are responsible for them monitor them closely to make sure nothing unusual occurs and no harm comes of it. Also the reasons for placing hybrids on earth are varied and many and their really isn't one overall reason for it.

Isn't humankind believed to be a hybrid creation from the distant past? If so, I don't believe that evolution is completed yet. The shortcomings (as well as the attributes) of man show that there is room to grow into a more enlightened being. To me, hybridization in itself is not necessarily negative. It also has the potential to be a very positive step toward a better world.

We will see.

I remember this story from years ago and I believe in the book Raechel was eliminated by being pushed down the outside stairs to her roommates apartment by her handlers.

I can't seem to find a download button for the subscriber special......

When I was young I was absolutely convinved that I was a hybrid. My contact with the bold types ended abruptly in my early teens and I felt abandoned and was depressed for a long time. I told almost no one, not even my parents because I knew it wasn't a good idea to speak of it.

I found this story, particularly the relationship between the two girls, deeply moving.

Ah, got it, thanks:)

My God, I have never heard anything like this!!

I'm so sorry I must be doing something wrong every time I post a comment it posts three or four times

Hi Lauren, It takes about 20 seconds for your comment to post on the webpage. If you press the button more than once you get multiple posts. Everybody does it at first, Welcome!

A woman used to work at my job who looked like Raechel. She looked like a stick figure w/a big round head and oversized cat-eyes. Her hair was thin & wispy & she could never seem to style it. When she came to work for us she said she was from Arkansas so the last thing I ever thought would be hybrid--more like inbred. She caught me looking at her and I made a joke about cat people & she thought it was funny. She was smart although she seemed to be faking the personality part--there was just something flat in her tone, like she was faking friendly. She moved up into training & I didn't see her again until she was training us for a big acct. By then I had read Raechel's Eyes on a Filament e-book and I was thinking about how much she looked like Raechel when I caught her staring at me. She left that office and started to work in another one in that company and has since left the company altogether, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this, because I feel its bad form to rat out co-workers.

I found this interview to be someone's opinion based on extrapolation and projected speculation unfortunately their are many that are naive and gullible and will buy anything. Guessing, guessing and more guessing so I the alarmist attitude to be too unfounded to take seriously.

In in odd way, this story gives me hope. There is a poignancy throughout that flies in the face of the overall strangeness. First, you have an alleged military officer bonding with a young girl, the victim from a crashed of a UFO. In an attempt to assist her in assimilating into a life on a new planet, he enrolls her in a small college and somehow finds her the perfect roommate, a girl with limited vision but unlimited heart. I don't feel that any of this was by chance or coincidence. Whitley has mentioned many times that compassion is giving people what they need to thrive. For a limited period of time, these two young women were able to accomplish this with one another and the gift-giving went both ways. Apparently, love is universal.

I'm not clear in my mind that there is anything inherently wrong with the idea of hybrids being developed between two species of 'people'. (Within our own species, especially in the not too distant past, breeding between races of humans sharing basically the same DNA and family tree was considered tantamount to breeding with animals!) All life is family, and all are connected.

What I do take issue with is the secrecy and obfuscation of facts. No one should be a part of an experiment without his/her permission, and we all have the right to know what deals are being made between governments and others from outside. Trading technology for genetic material is not necessarily bad, but if the genetic material is being taken secretly without permission, or involves fear, maiming, or death, it is in a word, evil. This includes allowing others to take material from cattle, horses, cats, and wildlife as well. Mutilating and killing people's pets is particularly sinister.

I do feel that we are dealing with different factions within our government, as well as those 'visitors' from other worlds. I think that each has their own agenda and reasons for the strangeness taking place, and I also think there is a wide range in the good and evil categories, which is also reflective of humanity.

One last thought: I do feel that Raechel and Jean's daughter kept their connection for many years. The unexpected death of Jean's daughter is compelling, and makes one wonder if that was the moment that Raechel also died, possibly on some world light-years distant in the cosmos. Quantum entanglement of the heart, perhaps?

I wonder if our interactions with off world intellects will ever be anything but confusing & murky. I suspect that among all species there are good and bad motivations; and technological advancement doesn't necessarily mean ethical advancement.

My mother had a rare blood type - AB, RH negative. She died of a neurological disorder so rare it didn't even have a name. She willed her body to a neurology research facility in 1990 upon her death. They reported that only nine other cases similar to her pathology were known to have occurred in the US at the time. They considered that she may have been "exposed" to something exotic. My mother lived all her life in rural areas & never worked in or near any manufacturing, chemical, or nuclear facilities - so what might have she been "exposed" to?

My daughter & myself have had contact/abduction experiences, so I have to wonder if my mother was the subject of some sort of genetic testing that went awry?!

Whitley mentions how the humans who are involved in these phenomena seem to be fairly passive in the midst of the events occurring around them.

This has always struck me as significant. There are certainly different types of personalities but it is nearly always a case of missed opportunities. Witnesses have cameras but they forget to take pictures, strange beings are observed but never confronted, someone works with an entity but never makes inquiries, etc.

We are not the ones in control and unfortunately it shows.

Then again Travis Walton attempted a confrontation and he got knocked on his bum ...

This may be the story of the Nephilim. "As in the days of Noah..." Many would agree that the body is the temple of the soul. But what if the "temple" is being genetically looted? Perhapse being "Born Again" is truly the only way to cleanse the genetic/sin/soul pollution? If we we created in the image of God, then any deviation from that would be evil.

ET's, interdimensional beings, watchers, crop circles,abductions,animal mutilations,crashed ships, after death escorts.....it is too much to collate. The evidence for these things is compelling, even overwhelming, but it can make one fearful and confused as it is almost incomprehensible. Is there God? I sure hope so.

Could Raechel and the daughter be step-sister's? It would be akin to the times when a contactee is introduced to an hybrid and told it is their child. I can see why a family type association would be advantageous to a hybrid. Could Rechel have been introduced into this family's circle purposefully?

(Ahem)... Sorry, but I'm not taking any of this Seriously.

Why does this seem like such a Fantasy to me? My mind, l and I do believe it's real, JUST CANT GET MY HEAD AROUND THIS ANYMORE!!!

Ever since I joined this website, it's been like Dungeons and Dragons. There is certainly an overwhelming amount of Evidence; the Gov't IS involved, --hell, maybe cooking this whole thing up!
As Jerry Seinfeld said, "Who ARE these People?" They're apparently not working for US -(A).

Underground Bases? I know we have the machinery to do this but --How can we get a tour??
We paid for the god-dammed things in the first place.


Oh, I and Love it here!! (hi Annie)...

I've heard Whitley say, to paraphrase, a war for the human soul is taking place. Yep, that has become obvious to me simply in the overall catastrophic state of our planet, and the Machiavellian dynamics being used to ruin society in general. What if one ET and/or future faction is bent on destroying Mother Earth --with endless pollution, chemtrails, toxins in water and food, the whole fukushima-nuking of the planet, etc. -- to eliminate the human/animal genetic pool because it is too powerful, and with ultimately too much potential? While at the same time using the genetics for their own sinister ends. As well, those on the side of developing/ascending humanity could be trying to save whatever genetic profiles they can, like an ark situation. Likely also, there are so many 'players' in this endgame, you would need a massive chart. It is mind-blowing.

For context, I'm new here, and still catching up on the content of the site. I've read SF all my life and many years ago read many of the classic nonfiction "UFO" books, ultimately setting them aside as "there's obviously something going on, but I don't know what it is." Now I'm getting a deeper education and the difference now is that my own hidden history, of things that didn't fit in with my own current worldview (so had also been set aside) has emerged in tandem with what I'm reading here, and that's been an amazingly paradigm-shifting experience that validates a lot of this high strangeness. That said, I find this story very hard to swallow. I went to American River College myself in the late Sixties and it was a small place compared to what it is now, and it couldn't have been that much bigger in 1972. You pretty much recognized everyone who went there, like at a large high school. As for the story itself, especially the whole business with the colonel and his revelation about the breeding project (believable in and of itself, though, in view of the fact that the US had rescued and put to work many Nazi doctors after WWII) - there were so many internal inconsistencies and contradictions and just plain absurdities that the mind spins. Granted, this is a characteristic of most UFO and alien stories (which is probably the basic reason why so many people turn away; it's difficult for most people to hold opposing ideas at the same time). But still, it seems to me that at every step of the way, the danger of exposure simply would have made such a project impossible to carry out in public. As for the daughter's sudden death, this happens; was anything done to discover the cause? Often at that age it's an unsuspected flaw in the heart function. The daughter was already in poor heath, with lifetime diabetes. Finally, I think what we really need to focus on, if we're concerned about flaws introduced into the human species, is the time when violence, authoritarianism, and the oppression of women, took over human culture. This happened at different times in different places and I'm wondering if DNA studies might be revealing something about this that we're not being told. It might indeed lead to information indicating hybridization. But I find it difficult to feel very alarmed at the idea of hybridization when right in front of us war, fanaticism, and obvious psychopathy in social organization are happening, right now, and the majority of people are able to do nothing to stop it. We (the majority of us are peaceable folks) are already being controlled and exploited by what might as well be a different species and they're our fathers, brothers (and sometimes mothers and sisters) and others who "look just like us". What more evidence do we need that something is already very, very wrong with the species? Am I missing something here?

After reading this on Earthfiles and listening to the show, I find this whole thing very hard to believe. Not because I don't think hybrids are real, that we're being visited, that the earth was "seeded", etc. (I at least believe the latter 2), but because how VERY EXTREMELY UNLIKELY it is that Helen was brought on the inside, literally and figuratively as described, about one of the most sensitively classified subjects in the U.S. government (assuming they're involved at all), even though he knew that Helen might have seen Racheal's eyes (as the whole story goes). Heck, I work on a government base and I get training on sensitive materials, and the fact is that the kind of actions described by Racheal's handler (the COL) would land him in prison in no time, and there was no compelling motivation for him to take any risk like that at all. That is unless it was a deliberate leak or misinformation ploy, but that too seems quite unlikely. No photos, no evidence at all, and the fact that someone of that name attended the university doesn't mean much without further investigation.

Oddly, I don't recall any discussion about attempts to obtain more university records about Racheal, her origins, her fate or current whereabouts, any other witnesses who must have attended class with her, been her professors and instructors, etc. You know, the kind of thing a private investigator might do, or a supposed crack investigative journalist.

Furthermore, that whole part of the story about this team retrieving bodies all the time from one isolated area of the country with frequently crashing UFO's (in that exact location) is RIDICULOUS! That doesn't raise a big red flag with anyone, really??

As it sits now, this particular story is just a big pile of crap that keeps believers swirling around the drain hole to nowhere. Sorry to say, but that's how I see it.

Like Bible (or other religious) stories, these events could be understood to suit the psyche of the interpreter. Unfortunately, hysteria frequently accompanies the explanations. The reasons behind these events are still only conjecture. I could attach positive or negative motives to the actors.

The many pre-speech (pre-birth?) deep memories I have carried my entire life, along with an amazing NDE I had a number of years ago, plus premonitions, "coincidence" and other unexplainable experiences in my life have shown me a positive, loving picture of the unknown. I refuse to panic because I have no experience that warrants it.

It occurs to me that one can't expect a pet or small child to understand the reason for annual check-ups and inoculations. Given a choice, that pet or child would not choose to undergo these procedures. However, that would not benefit him or her.

I recently came across an interview with Delores Cannon. I posted the link on Whitley's Facebook page, tho I will post it here, too:

The truth about Aliens, UFOS and Humanity part1

This interview (in 5 parts) reinforces everything I have experienced and every memory I have. My understanding is overwhelmingly positive. (In fact, the negative parts of my life have been perpetrated by HUMANS! That's why I think our species desperately needs an "upgrade.")

Whitley I saw your comments to bob and I had some of the very same objections to this story that he made. I did read this book many years ago and I'm very suspicious of its claims. It could be true but it strikes me as very odd. Some of the things are too out of place to make sense. A hybrid from another world crashes and lives out her existence on earth if this was the case nobody would risk exposing it in the least especially if they were too odd looking. Perhaps a hybrid passing for human would be more plausible and not such a risk because if what's suggested is actually occurring they wouldn't dare risk it for fear of being discovered. Also this being could have posed health hazards for humans or freaked out and gone batty and possibly have had hygiene issues with certain smells.

I think my opinion is reasonably well considered, but you (Whitley) make a good point that I did not read the book. Also, I could have overreacted by calling the story a "pile of crap", which is really an expression of my frustration with stories like this that start with an intriguing premise and then (again without reading the book) mix some very unlikely assertions (which I detailed above) with a nearly complete lack of evidence. As always, I could be wrong.

Whitley, I think this is quite different than your accounts of your own experiences, even when they can't be "proven". There is a fundamental integrity to how you present yourself and your descriptions and reactions that are highly believable and consistent, and you've brought forward credible witnesses. As I said, I'm not saying hybrids don't exist or that they even can be living among us; it's this particular story that IMO sounds at least partially fabricated.

I know it may not seem like it from what I wrote, but I still have a very open mind about the Racheal story. If Ms. Howe's investigation uncovers further positive evidence, like if she can find corroborating witnesses (of which one would think there had to be dozens), even to something as simple as the description that Rachel always wore sunglasses indoors (like in the classes she must have attended) and spoke in a monotone, then maybe we're getting somewhere. We'll see.

The sophistication of these beings when it comes to hybrids is far beyond what you suggest and what many suppose but its true that doesn't negate what your thinking. I'm suggesting that the way things are done today are much beyond what your describing. Some humans make soul agreements with these beings before they incarnate are born entirely human and than they enter onto the earth with a genetic predisposition for being altered later if that's what they chose. It's only later at a prescribed or chosen time in their human experience that they are visited and picked up and changed into what many would call an alien human hybrid. Often they are a cross between two worlds and this bridge is beneficial to both races in many ways. So I see no evil intent here because all parties are given free choice in the matter and of course those that do this have many challenges but they also have many great opportunities that others don't. So you see these hybrids can look entirely human because they are human but the changes or adaptations are internal and biological and also changes will be made to their energy bodies and auric fields. Believe me this type of sophistication exists and is practiced but these beings choose their subjects very wisely and it isn't done with great numbers of people.

An interesting story but on visiting the Raechel's Eyes two large alarm bells went off when I read the following:

"Raechel’s Eyes is presented in two parts. Many of the events in Part I were reconstructed from Littrell's memory".
"Helen underwent a two-year-long series of hypnotic regressions that revealed a family history of alien interaction that had not been considered before. It also revealed a connection between Helen Littrell and the Colonel."

So what we have here is, according to the book's website, is a story where many of the events portrayed were reconstructed by memories 'retrieved' via hypnosis.
Unfortunately we don't know how much of this story came from these hypnosis sessions or indeed who performed the hypnosis.
As we've seen in recent revelations involving Dr (of History) David Jacobs and the work of Budd Hopkins from Carol Rainey's accounts, hypnosis is not a reliable means of memory retrieval and is too open to cofabulation and manipulation whether intended or not.

LeeM, I'm story to read about what happened to your mother. I'm wondering-- would you be willing to indicate a bit more about the nature of her neurological disorder? For example, did it involve any deterioration of either frontal lobe, any loss of language ability of any kind, and/or personality changes such as increased disinhibition? I understand if you don't want to specify or say more, but it would help me to know more about this, as your situation may resemble one in my family. Thanks and regards.

Kat8W, I've often wondered about the relationship you invoke between possible "flaws introduced into the human species" and a putative "time when violence, authoritarianism, and the oppression of women [I would add of subgroups of all kinds as well], took over human culture." I have often sensed, just in witnessing the contrast between people for whom empathy seems so natural as to be reflexive, and those to whom it is clearly "alien," that two different species inhabit our world. I do understand that many claim there are now many species and/or mixes among us, but I'm interested in the fact that--without even invoking the possibility of literal aliens or hybrids-- I've long seen a mysterious split among people in general. For separate reasons, I happen also to believe in the likely reality of time-other, space-other, alien, and/or hybrid visitors-- but the point that interests me here is that the split has always been something so real to me that, even from childhood, I could nearly smell it. Sorry to quote you so much, but I find what you say here so poignant and insightful: "I find it difficult to feel very alarmed at the idea of hybridization when right in front of us war, fanaticism, and obvious psychopathy in social organization are happening, right now, and the majority of people are able to do nothing to stop it. We (the majority of us are peaceable folks) are already being controlled and exploited by what might as well be a different species and they're our fathers, brothers (and sometimes mothers and sisters) and others who "look just like us". What more evidence do we need that something is already very, very wrong with the species?" Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

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