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Friday November 15, 2013

Sonia Barrett and Close Encounters

Sonia Barrett has now appeared on Dreamland 3 times, and both the last time and this, Whitley Strieber has had a close encounter immediately prior to interviewing her. This time, we explore why that might be. Sonia has her own unique and very clear way of looking at the underlying matrix that supports reality. She sees it as plastic, not fixed, and in this interview she explains her ideas, and she and Whitley Strieber explore why it is that another level of reality might be attempting to draw attention to her work.

There is only one place in the world where you will hear an interview like this--and, in fact, only one host who is involved in this material and experience in quite the way Whitley Strieber is. This is Dreamland at its most mysterious and fascinating. A truly unique program.

Sonia's website is Spiritinform.com.
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Whitley and Anne Strieber, Sonia Barrett and the Visitors

Whitley and Anne Strieber were both witnesses to the events that happened in their home this week, and here they have a conversation with Sonia Barrett about those events, how she understands them, and why it would be that her work is being pointed to in this way by the enigmatic presence that Whitley calls 'the visitors.' They also discuss the last time Sonia appeared, and what it was that must have inspired that response from the visitors.

This is the first time, to our knowledge, that anything like this has ever happened. Please listen to Anne, Whitley and Sonia as they explore the implications of this amazing experience, and what it might mean in relation to Sonia's ideas and work. (And listen for the moment that Whitley and Anne actually hear something in the room with them! There may be a faint trace of it on the audio, but we cannot be certain.)

To listen to the previous special interview with Sonia that took place just after the last encounter in May of 2012, click here.

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A part of you that is hidden to yourself knows more than you know.

Gosh, I am sooooo glad that you discussed that weirdness after a 'journey'! I have had so many similar experiences and that feeling of being totally discombobulated is all too familiar. When this happens, I am quite literally 'spaced-out' for at least 24 hours or more. I go about my day, and do the things that I would normally do, but it is apparent to me, and those close to me, that I haven't quite returned from my trip 100%. I feel that my body is 'here' and almost like I am observing myself from a distance rather than being engaged completely with my physical self. This is very hard to describe, and thank goodness it only happens occasionally...And I had a missing pantry item today too! Before leaving for my grocery shopping today, I checked to see if I had a can of tomato sauce in the pantry. I opened the door, looked in there, and saw a can of Hunt's Sauce sitting on the uppermost shelf, so scratched that off of my shopping list. I got home from the store and started assembling some of the ingredients I will be using tomorrow in my soup recipe. Guess what? No can of Hunt's Tomato Sauce was to be found anywhere in the pantry! So, I guess in this new version of the timeline I have to make a second trip to the grocery store tomorrow to pick up a can of tomato sauce. Bummer.

There is also a story in just the last two days about an extra bottle of maple syrup sitting in my fridge--- no joke, so guess I'll quit posting before something else strange manifests! Holy moly! :-)

Wonderful show Whitley, Anne and Sonia!
A few observations if I may. The feelings you describe Whitley (and Cosmic) sound like the sort of sensations I always experience after listening to the Dreamland show! It's very overwhelming no matter what the subject the show is about. In fact, it has gotten to the point that I say to myself 'Am I really up for it, this weekend?' I find that I have to lie down after listening due to the strong physical reactions I experience.

A suggestion for the next time you hear something in the room when you are taping the show. I know during an interview the thing to be avoided is 'dead air' but as you say the subscriber section is for people who are highly engaged in this phenomenon. Perhaps it would be worthwhile if you mention something is occurring and allow a minute of silence to attempt to perceive who or what is trying to communicate. I guarantee none of us will turn off the show or get bored! I also noticed that during both sections of your interview the telephone connection was not interfered with as has happened in the past.

Along the line of our preconceptions, what did you guys do with the honey that was on the floor? Did you mop it up and throw it away? If so, why did you assume it was garbage to be discarded?

Right now as I write to you, something has started making clicking noises in the other room where I am. I feel I'm being cautioned not to sound too critical in this email. I certainly don't have all the answers to what is going on! I just want to say 'they' are trying to change the way we relate to the world we are a part of.

Anne and Whitley, could the HONEY lying in puddles in your kitchen be a mind/space/time altering substance and symbolic of the MANNA from heaven? Sometimes clues are left behind, but, it is up to those involved and also left behind in the experience, to try and figure out. Maybe those unseen entities cannot/must not interfere but ARE given the consent to give/leave clues. Manna is the food of angels and perhaps the first real SOUL food.

What else do we know about it? "It was like white coriander seed, and the taste of it was like wafers made with HONEY." (Exodus 16:31) We also know from Psalm 78:24 that it was the heavenly food of angels. "And given them the bread of heaven. Men ate angels' food." Additionally God wanted some of it saved and preserved for future generations to remind them of the Lord's covenant of faithfulness. Moses placed a portion of manna in the Ark of the Covenant.

Thanks for sharing this lovely and uplifting experience with us. I almost feel as though I've been in a period of meditation. Very powerful.

A complete change of subject:
I came across this video interview with the late Wm. Pawelec in which he talked about his experiences with development of micro-chipping and other activities related to the "dark" secret programs. Anything new here? (Some of it is new to me.)


Anne -
when you woke up the next day, was your kitchen still a mess? Or did the nocturnal elves clean up that mess. Because if this was happening in the "other" plane, wouldn't your kitchen be the way you left it the previous night ? This has been a mind altering interview! I'm going to listen to it again. Thanks for sharing. Best to you both, Bernie

@ Whitley: NO. Sometimes you just have to live with the mystery.

Thank you for this great show - I see a great deal of synergy with the information that was channeled down by Seth, through Jane Robers (Rubert). One of the facts that Seth really tried to make us understand is that we create our own reality. Fascinating indeed

I'll see what I can extract from your audio - concentrating and filtering on the "fluttering" frequency range. I have a rather nice studio. I will filter and process using Sonar X3c on those sounds and see what I can pull out. The MP3 algorithm tends to do allot of signal "compaction" (not necessarily compression) and useful data can be lost. A full bandwidth wav or aiff file may provide more to work with. I can process signals at high bit densities per second, , and at 64 bit.

Yep time travel is real. You can do two ways with an OBE or physically moving your body through time. In an OBE time travel experience you always come back to the exact same time line and reality you were in before you left because your body remains anchored in that space but when you bodily move through time and come back you come back to a very close reality or parallel universe resembling the time line you left and this probably explains the honey distortion problem. John Titor I am convinced was correct about time travel and parallel universes and he said clearly when he returned to his future time line he could never go back to his exact time line but only a time line that was very close and similar to the time line he had left. This is why I think Whitley experienced bodily time travel as opposed to an OBE time travel experience. Its immaterial for the argument whether he initiated it himself or was abducted by time travelers. This is my take on things. Its not always gnomes or elves playing pranks that cause these "honey anomalies" I think its bodily movement through time and coming back to a very close or similar parallel universe that's the cause.

@Beth1 - Yes, the William Pawlec is very impressive. If you want to compare and contrast this interview with another that is not too believable, take a look at this one on youtube.


The second gentleman is a very nice guy but he doesn't convince me of his authenticity at all. What do you think?

Thank you, Cyan_Aura, for the link to this amazing interview. And thank you, Whitley, Anne, and Sonia. So much to think about and take in!

we all just need to be ready for the bardo because moma cometh , all in euphamesims and phrases. When you die, all your phantasies come true..... how dare you! That's the way it is, sorry!

Why can't the experience clean the house instead of making it messy?

Why can't the experience clean the house instead of making it messy?

Why can't the experience clean the house instead of making it messy?

I finally had a chance to listen to both interviews this afternoon. Just this morning, after I opened the kitchen cupboard to get out the coffee, my eyes settled on an expensive bottle of maple syrup and I wondered why I had bought it since I hardly ever use it. Maple syrup!

On a recent trip, my camera disappeared for two days, only to reappear in an outside pocket of my purse. I had checked that purse thoroughly for the camera. I blamed the woodland fairies, but perhaps it was a time slip?
Regarding noise on the subscriber section interview.....can't tell if it's someone tapping the mic, but at 5:55, there are 3 knocks that sound like someone tapping an upside down plastic bucket. A hollowish sound. At 6:07, the same thing, but only 1 tap. If you wear lapel mikes, this is probably just accidental noise.
Fantasic interviews btw.....

Well after listening to this I went to make me some coffee. I grabbed the can of coffee off the counter on the other side of the kitchen and I filled the coffee maker. I turned around to find that there was a jug of maple syrup in the place that I keep the coffee. I knew it was strange at the time but it did not hit me that ya'll had talked about maple syrup until I listened to the show again today. All this stuff seems to say pay attention this stuff is important.

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