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Friday March 11, 2011

The Secrets of Synchronicity

Trish MacGregor knows the secrets of synchronicity and what they mean. A synchronicity is a coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the observer but can't be explained by cause and effect. Synchronicities can be simple, or incredibly complex and layered. But what do they mean? There's a first step: learning to recongize the many synchornicities. Then a second: understanding the why of it all. Don't miss this enlightening interview.

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Trish MacGregor on Life's Hidden Plan

Anne Strieber begins this discussion with commentary on a remarkable film she has just seen called "the Adjustment Bureau" and asks the question: Does synchronicity mean that our lives are designed, and if so, by whom? After Anne's stroke in 2004, she woke up from a coma into a life that was so filled with  synchronicities that she began to feel as if it was like a jigsaw, and her role was to wait for the next piece to be put in place. Does this mean that our lives are pre-planned? At the end of the interview, Trish reveals one of the most extraordinary personal UFO experiences you will ever hear. Rich, fascinating material!

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Trish's UFO experience that she describes in this interview is really fascinating. BTW, the special interview I did with Duncan O'Fionian will be posted here next week. In the next few days, we are going to post some very good UFO video in the subscriber video section.

Delightful! How many times have we swatted the beetle? A wise question!

Wonderful interview with Ms. Macgregor. My personal view on the comments about the one "man" who believed we have no free will or choice in our lives, is that his view is cowardly. That belief absolves one of any responsibility, i.e. "the devil made me do it" or " it's God's will". I agree with Anne, "bullsh*t".

I was led to this website after watching "the fourth kind"; a movie that I am wondering about. Was it really based on a "real" story? Anyone know??? Any way. I googled Whitely and found Dreamland!!! This has led to a whole lot of changes in my life. I think that that is a great example of Synchronicity.

Waking up at 3:30 in the early am has become common for me.
And also throughout the day I have seen 3:30 in the pm repeatedly. ???
I love synchronicities and have been aware of these since listening
to Unknowncountry for many years now. I also "have Joy" written
above my computer work area and named a store "Simple Joys".....

Thanks for your insights once again Anne

I don't buy Duncan O'Fionian and his supposed super soldier buddy David Corso. These people are delusional aided in their delusions by Project Camelot. I'd happily change my mind if there was anything worthwhile in their stories.

Whitley - why not tackle the one contact case that has been called 'hoax' for 15 years but is in fact 100% authentic. I believe you were called by Robert Raith just after the event happened and you said 'the closer a case is to the truth - the greater the adversity to those involved" - which stands true for your own case and also that of this one - Dr Jonathan Reed.

Yes it a true story and the footage they show u in the movie is real deal also they have there movie footage along side the real footage ,the dark side of the ufo phenomenon,i find it interesting that the ancient language that they taped was ancient Babalonian i think it was but was a very ancient from of Bablonian.

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