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Friday October 25, 2013

Secret Journey to Planet Serpo

Did a delegation of US military personnel really visit another planet back in the 1960? Was this journey the secret inspiration for the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind? This week on Dreamland, we explore these questions with UFO researcher Len Kasten, who has found some provocative evidence that this legendary journey might actually have taken place.

Len Kasten is a longtime UFO researchers, a member of the Mutual UFO Network and of the former National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. His articles have appeared in Atlantis Rising and New Dawn magazines, and he is also the author of the Secret History of Extraterrestrials.

Whitley Strieber comments, "I heard a rumor about this from a well-placed scientist back in 1995, so when it surfaced again, I was interested, but I've always had trouble believing that it could be true. Len Kasten makes a good case, and turns up some surprising evidence."
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Are Films and TV Used to Prepare for Contact?

Len Kasten begins by discussing the mystery of the "Yellow Book" which is supposedly a history of what has really happened on Earth, very different from our own histories, then gets into whether or not movies like "Close Encounters" are being used to prepare us for contact. Whitley Strieber points out that the first movies that are reputedly preparation for contact offer a positive image of the visitors, but that there has been a change: current offerings are much darker and ominous. Listen as Len Kasten offers his considered response to why this would be so.

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Thanks for all the great information on this site. The archive is fantastic.
With regard to the Len Kasten interviews, the sound was so murky it was difficult to understand everything being said. Would it be possible to supply a transcript of the interview in the subscribers section?


I don't believe this story for a second.. then again, I wouldn't expect anyone else to believe my own experiences. In my experiences, the 'visitors' take extra care to act based on our own cultural norms, how we treat others. That can be a problem, because we tend to not treat each other with much respect.

From an outside observer, how would we appear?

If you download VLC Portable

Click -> Tools -> Effects and Filters. Click [enable] and in the [Preset] drop-box, choose [Live] and also click [2 pass] ... this will modulate the sound output to a more live-like tone.

I love Dreamland, but the sound quality on this show was so terrible I only got about 10% of what Len said. This could be because I downloaded the low bandwith version of both shows - which I persevered with - but I actually would classify this recording as inaudible. Is the high bandwith version better?

Mikhael, please tell us you are joking.

Re-posting this would be a great because I could not get much from the existing audio either. Thanks Whitley!

Could you also correct the volume-difference between you and the guest? Also, the "intro" and "break" volumes are much louder and jolt delicate ears (especially when when wearing headphones), in this audio and most others too (I like to listen to the info in these breaks too!). Could you please correct this disparity? Thank you so much... I absolutely do not want to miss a single thing you publish!

He mentions a movie in this interview. Would love to watch it. Did anyone catch the name?

Sorry to splash some cold water on this, but the Serpo story is being marketed by the same people who fed disinformation to Paul Bennewitz, who, getting close to actual classified programs at Kirtland Airforce Base was lead to look for aliens when there weren't any there. The resulting stress caused a mental breakdown and his eventual suicide. There's great documentation about this in "Project Beta", and just a few months ago Greg Bishop, the author of that, laid out his opinion that Serpo is being fed by the same people. So, buyer beware, be really aware on this one.

Rainmaker, thanks for the suggestion, this really helped!

Not fixed yet...

I'm with JM on this one. Serpo is at best a hoax and more than likely a viral marketing campaign brought to us by the intelligence services. Either the person responsible for vetting these guests has dropped the ball completely or Whitley has been drinking the coffee at Col. Alexander's house. Listeners beware.

Yes, the background on the whole Serpo incident is sketchy and has more twists and turns than I can count.. But regardless, it's a fascinating story and a wildly enjoyable "what if". Thanks for the great interview, Whitley.

..better luck in the future.

I came to this a bit late, and reading all the comments decided to depart from my usual practice and download the 7.5 bandwidth. It is quite comprehensible. Whitley doesn't sound quite like Whitley which is a bit strange as his voice is so instantly familiar, but all is well.

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