Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Friday March 18, 2011

Nuclear Crisis PLUS the Secret History of the World

First, Linda Moulton Howe finds out from nucelar expert Arnold Gunderson exactly what the Japanese nuclear crisis is all about AND what is most likely to happen in coming weeks. Then, on Sunday night, Whitley Strieber and Mark Booth spent an hour together on Coast to Coast AM discussing Mark's extraordinary knowledge of secret societies and how they influence our lives. Due to a scheduling snafu, they only got one segment together. Now, listen to what they DIDN'T talk about on Coast! Go deeper into the greatest secrets in the world with an author who is the real deal, an authority on such groups as the Rosicrucians, the Templars, the Golden Dawn and many others. Mark Booth knows the secret history of the world. This is a real mind-blower!

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Duncan O'Finoian: What About the Children

In this riveting continuation of the March 3 Dreamland on the subject of official abuse of children and mind control, Whitley Strieber and Duncan O'Finoian discuss their own childhood experiences in bizarre and inappropriate programs that had an apparent official basis. You will never forget what you hear in this stunner.

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Just signed up for this and really love listening...

Dearest Whitley & Ann,

I have listened for years, but finally signed up for Dreamland last year. I am a big fan, and listen to you on my computer while I work in my home studio on my stained glass projects. It is nice, because often I work into the night, and am able to hear your shows, commentaries, and interviews anytime I please. Thank you for the many hours of wonderful programming

From Carson City Nevada

I assume everyone has seen this movie, "Unmistaken child."

This man(and Whitley and Anne of course) is amazing, I ordered his book the day I listened to this weeks episode. Cannot wait to dive into it. Keep up the great work UK!!

Having known former Parachute Regiment servicemen for many years, a great deal of what Duncan mentions sounds all too familiar.

One particular friend, former special forces, always, I felt, displayed tell-tale signs of personality 'fracturing'.

One question is whether this was deliberate or a side effect of his training. Separating the two possibilities is a distinctly hazardous process but an interesting one nonetheless.

To see a man with medals galore, become a Police Officer and then end up doing ten years behind bars was one of the most troubling processes I have ever witnessed. Whilst I always felt that he was being persecuted to a degree, there was always that something else I couldn't quite put my finger on.

Undoubtedly, this entire area of study is one of monumental tragedy and broken lives. Solutions? Good luck with finding one. The rulers, not content with feeding off Human nature, now seek to use Humanity as a doorway. Most doors are two way portals and one can't help but feel even more troubled by the sea of possibility that those cast off into this realm find themselves.

"Hidden talent counts for nothing."

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