Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Friday October 28, 2011

SCREAMLAND for Halloween: Whitley Strieber's New Story 'Darkness Absolute'

Whitley Strieber sat down, leaned into the microphone and told this story without so much as a note. Is it an incredibly scary and yet beautiful short story, a prophecy, the revelation of an extraordinary secret--or all of the above? When your Dreamland editor asked him, he just laughed. Whatever it is, it's an all time classic Halloween Screamland, in the finest tradition of this radio program!

"Darkness Absolute" by Whitley Strieber is Copyright 2011 by Walker & Collier, Inc.

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The Ghosts of the Striebers

For Halloween, Anne Strieber tells some of the greatest ghost stories you will ever hear. She starts out, "Whitley and I often see ghosts..." and it goes from there, as we listen to a whole series of ghostly encounters and encounters with the dead that Whitley and Anne Strieber have had over the years. This wonderful Halloween special offers great insight not only into the highly unusual lives of Whitley and Anne Strieber, but also into the whole nature of ghosts and apparitions. Not to be missed!

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Absolutely wonderful Whitley. Really moved me a great great deal.

Thanks, it just suddenly came to me. I sat down at the mike, and there it was. Will it happen? In some ways, I hope so. In others, I would hate to see it.

Although I knew this was a story, you were so natural in relating it that my mind shifted back and forth with is this real or fiction for quite some time. Fascinating.

This was intensely moving.
Recently, I have had a feeling that sooner or later, I will have to answer a question that will change my life and current reality forever. The question being...am I ready to leave this place/planet/realm? The question has come a couple of times, but I haven't been ready a) to answer or b) to see who is asking it. I wonder who else has been challenged with this?
Interestingly, just now, I felt I should explore the meditations, so I did the December 6, 2010 "Seeing the Future" meditation for the first time. I was struck by the connection between these two audio files. In the meditation, Whitley refers to "the shadow of the future".
Maybe those of us who feel this pull to another world are standing in the shadow of this "darkness absolute" future. And how lovely that there is no fear there. That's a place I would go to in a heartbeat.

really enjoyed the stories this week

I really enjoyed Anne's real life stories and Whitley's thought provoking new story. Perfect Dreamland Halloween.

after studying the unexplained..and dreams for 40 odd years I.m convinced we live
in a kind of a twi- lite zone...but we.ve been brainwashed to pretend it is,nt so..
because it suits those who rule the world...and also those who conform.. its easier
..not to think...its easier to be on auto pilot...I have brief moments of awareness..then i go back to auto pilot...I think thats how it is for most of us
quite frustrating....any one agree?
sid...united kingdom

I finally got to listen to last weeks Dreamland,. Whitley it was wonderful! I sat listening totally enthralled. I have heard that voice you spoke of and I too feel that is somewhat like what it will be in some future event. I look forward to it, knowing that I'm not going to be going thru it alone.

Great story-telling! Before there were computers, broadcasting, or even writing, there were those who told the stories. Many of those stories were passed down through the generations and have, in turn, made their way down to us.

Whitley, perhaps in that place of your story, you became the first story-teller of the New World. Maybe you are already influencing future generations...:-)

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