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Saturday October 2, 2010

Science is Wrong

Jim Marrs interviews Stanton Friedman about the difficulty scientists have accepting new realities.Again and again, scientists reject the new in favor of old ideas, and cling to them even when they are clearly wrong.

This powerful interview paintsa pictureof just how dangerous this kind of stubbornness and arrogance can be. Eugenics theory resulted in attempts to do things like sterilize the "unfit." The theory was supported even by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, who engineered a court decision in favor of sterilizing an "inferior" woman.Then the Nazis used this mistaken theory to justify the most awful event in human history, the Holocaust.

This is only one of many such stories that call into question the ability of science, as an institution, to be flexible enough to face the new.

So what about UFOs, you ask? Stanton Friedman is an angry man, and justifiably so, and you should be angry, too, at the disservice that has been done in this all-important area.

Stanton Friedman's website is StantonFriedman.com.

Jim Marrs' website is JimMarrs.com.

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Kathleen Marden

Whitley Strieber says, "Kathleen Marden wrote half of Science was Wrong, including one chapter entitled 'The Conundrum of Alien Abductions' that is among the most powerful and devastating indictments of scientific failure I have ever read."

Listen as Kathleen explains to Whitley just why the abduction experience has been rejected by science as unworthy of study except by social scientists who look at it strictly from the viewpoint of mental aberration.

You need to understand this outrage, because without understanding there will be no change, and close encounter witnesses will continue to be the one large social minority that is derided, persecuted and discriminated against by society in general and the media and scientific communities in particular.

Kathleen's website is Kathleen-Marden.com.

SUBSCRIBERS: Kathleen offers free consultations to close encounter witnesses. To get in touch with her, send an email about your experiences to kmarden@aol.com. Include your phone number and she will call you. Her consultations are free. She does not use hypnosis. She cannot call telephones outside of the United States.

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.

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