Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday May 9, 2009

Science and Reincarnation

Paul Von Ward has been exploring the science behind reincarnation, and it turns out that there is an amazingly solid basis for it. In this interview with Anne Strieber, he recounts a group of scientific experiments and research that validates the fact that something of the human being survives death.

He tells of research using MRI scans that reveal evidence of what he calls the psychoplasm, or soul genome. He tells us how this aspect of ourselves carries information about our past lives that affect our present life.

This is one of the most profound discussions of reincarnation and how it actually works that we have ever presented on Dreamland.

During the interview, Anne Strieber tells a wonderful story about Michael Talbot and his little-known encounter at the Strieber cabin.

Each of us has our own soul genome, and this interview reveals more about what the soul is and how it evolves than almost anything we have ever presented.

Dreamland's primary mission is to cure the soul blindness that is in the process of destroying the human race, and one of the ways we do that is to bring forward scientific evidence that can open our eyes to this great, lost reality.

Paul Von Ward's website is TheReincarnationExperiment.org

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