Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Thursday September 15, 2011

Special Report on the California Fireball, then the Sacred Promise: Can We Contact Spirit?

Prior to the interview with Dr Gary Schwartz, Linda Moulton Howe has an update on the tremendous green fireball seen over the US southwest on the night of September 14. Then Marla Frees takes us into Dr. Gary Schwartz's laboratory and we eplore the sacred promise. Is spirit really there? What can science tell us? Can science show that they're really there? If so, do we matter to them?

Dr. Schwartz candidly discusses the challenges as well as the rewards of connecting with Spirit. He poses several important questions. What if our feelings of emptiness, loneliness, hopelessness, and meaninglessness are actually fostered by our belief in a “spiritless” Universe? What if our physical hunger is symptomatic of a greater spiritual hunger? What if Spirit is actually all around us, ready to fill us with energy, hope, and direction, if we are ready to ingest it? What if Spirit is like air and water, readily available for us to draw within; that is, if we choose to seek it?

Do not miss this illuminating and empowering discussion between Marla Frees and Dr. Schwartz, and don't miss his new book The Sacred Promise. His website is Dr.GarySchwartz.com.

Marla Frees' is a leading psychic. You can contact her on her website, MarlaFrees.com.

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Whitley Strieber and Gary Schwartz: Personal Experiences of Mediumship

Have you ever had an experience of mediumship? In this discussion, Whitley Strieber tells Dr. Gary Schwartz of his only experience with it, and they discuss just how it actually works, and how to tell the difference between a real experience of spirit communication and one's imagination. In this wide-ranging conversation, they also discuss the strange buisness of Ouija Boards, and Whitley describes a remarkable psychic he once knew who used it in a unique and powerful way. But when she stopped using the Ouija Board in her special way, she ceased to be a psychic.

Listen as Dr. Schwartz explains why this would happen, and, from a scientific viewpoint, why psychic powers work and what can cause them to fail. A high-intensity journey into the mystery of what makes psychic power work--and how to bring it reliably into your own life.

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It can be hard to control the direction of Ones life. Don Juan tells Carlos to choose "the road with a heart". I wonder if this road is too hard for us still. Two "scalpels" discussing the way ahead - as allways I find myself trying to push my mind.

Yes, Frek, the path of heart is so often a good guide in life. Additionally, combining controlled abandon with stalking the spirit can open doors that lead to new and vibrant vistas. It is good to see fellow nagualists here.

I "third" that...I'm a huge Castaneda fan; Castaneda, Strieber and Tolle are my three fave authors, have been for a long time.

from this weeks post Dreamland special interview.
Whitley Strieber said "a few people will be prepared for it. and out of their balance, that they will maintain, across the bridge of this change. There will eventually become focus for the whole species." Talking about the potential sudden evolutionary shift for humanity.
My question is : Are the few people that are spoken of here, in balance in the present reality? I ask as someone that feels deeply unbalanced in the present reality. Once heard someone ask the question"Is it a good thing to be well adjusted in a sick world?" Just curious. Thank you.

Yes curious here also. I wonder if Strieber and Schwartz feels that the road ahead for humans is through the world of dead spirits. I wouldn't call that a path of heart but that is just my opinion as a non abductee, curious listener/reader. I have an uneasy feeling about the ordinary world, things seem to go the wrong way allways.

Why haven't I ever read anything concerning the unbelievable similarities between the body of work created by Castaneda and the complete copy of work by Dan Millman? Same catch phrases, same pretty turned words....Same humble bum who turns out to be some sort of sage, metaphysical tsunami of knowledge and know how. lol People are snapping up Millman's series, I dont sense Millman ever had those experiences.

I'm not sure how much of Castaneda's later book are for real either. There was some debunking by Richard DeMille. One never knows. The joy of reading Castaneda's work is there 100% though. It's just fascinating even if it is partly imagination.

Look into Tom Brown Jr.s, "The Vision". He also has some other very interesting books.

this site has been a very special place to me over the years..but i'm creeped out by marla frees-the addition of this failed actress turned charlatan medium has really thrown me for a loop-especially after seeing her perform live&in action last year-just saying..


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