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Friday June 14, 2013

Privacy, the NSA and the Snowden Scandal


Bradley Manning and now Edward Snowden have risked their lives and their freedom to disclose official secrets. Why? Is it right or wrong, good or bad? And what does it mean for the future? The US Constitution does not specifically guarantee a right of privacy, but the ACLU has filed a lawsuit claiming that the NSA's Prism program is a violation of the 4th Amendment right to protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Linda Moulton Howe interviews one of the ACLU's lawyers, asking him about the suit, and we explore the question of which is more important to us: our privacy or our safety from terrorist attack.

Across the whole spectrum of America's political life, trust in government is eroding. At the same time, we need the protections that government affords. We explore where the line should be drawn.

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Whistleblowers and UFO Secrets

EXPLOSIVE DISCUSSION BETWEEN WHITLEY AND LINDA MOULTON HOWE! In 2002, Gary McKinnon obtained information from NASA computers that strongly suggested that the US was heavily involved in UFO related activities off-planet. Whitley Strieber interviewed him on Dreamland in 2003 and got the same story. This week, Whitley and Linda Moulton Howe take a look back at the Gary McKinnon disclosures and ask the question, could one of the new breed of whistleblowers come forward from within the secret government itself, as have Bradley Manning and Edward Snowdon, and provide the world with access to UFO secrets? If so, how might such a thing come about, and what might be disclosed?

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Read the comments here and then read the comments on something like MSNBC. It is clear where the people with brains get their information.

Whitley, thank you so much for this report. You & Linda rock. I love the way you both connect the dots with your personal experiences & research. One of the things I appreciate about Unknown Country, is how you bring so many experts in as guests, who are clearly doing their research in order to bring us the very best and current information.

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