Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday October 25, 2008

The Rise of the 4th Reich

The Rise of the Fourth Reich is the latest book by Dreamland's conspiracy expert, Jim Marrs. But when the expert writes a book, who does the interview? Our solution could not be more obvious: Sinister Forces author Peter Levenda! Listen as Peter grills Jim about the possibility that, while the Germans lost World War II, THE NAZIS ACTUALLY WON IT.

As a guest, frequent Dreamland host Jim Marrs needs no introduction. He is the author of the legendary Crossfire, that the movie JFK was based on, the all-time great UFO book Alien Agenda and the book that blows the lid off the secrets, Rule by Secrecy. Jim's website is JimMarrs.com.

Peter Levenda is the author of one of the great sequences about the influence of the occult in modern life, Sinister Forces. His website is SinisterForces.info.

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