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Friday June 17, 2011

Recovering the Power of the Past

Freddy Silva is one of Dreamland's most frequent and most popular guests. Now he has published what Whitley Strieber considers one of the most important books ever written about our lost past. What is so incredible is that Freddy has figured out how to actually use these ancient places of power to reawaken our souls and our memories. In this spellbinding interview, he explains to us just why we lost our understanding of the truth, and how we can use places of power to regain it.

Dreamland is, itself, a place of power, as you'll agree when you listen to these two masters in electrifying conversation!

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A Close Encounter Witness Interviews a Psychologist

Many a close encounter witness has asked himself the question: should I trust my story to a psychologist. At Unknowncountry.com, we're constantly asked for references to professionals who can help with the trauma and confusion associated with the close encounter experience. We always answer the same way: seek out a licensed professional in your area and interview them! We cannot offer specific recommendations, but Janet Colli is one psychologist who has an open-minded approach to close encounter.

Here, in a first on Unknowncountry or anywhere, a close encounter witness, Mike Clelland, talks frankly about his experiences, and the experience in general, with Janet Colli. So, if you've wondered how you might approach a psychologist with your story, listen and find out! You will also hear an absolutely riveting exchange between two very articulate people. This is the close encounter experience from deep within its hidden reality.

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I don't post often, but I can feel the importance of the Freddy Silva interview.............

Thank you again!

Mike: your comment "I need to proceed forward" right at the end of the interview sums up why a lot of us are here. We can't help but to continue seeking answers and clarifications for these 'out there' experiences. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing experiences.
I feel that part of the purpose of a traumatic/anomalous encounter is to awaken the shaman within. That when we 'die' we will have some foreknowledge of the connection between worlds. And that will enable us to be of better use as guides. The guided become the guides for others' soul journeys?

Hello Whitley, I am writing this post on the comments forum because I don't know how to reach you personally. I certainly hope you read this.

I have just listened to the archived interview RECOVERING THE POWER OF THE PAST with Freddy Silva and I was driven to send you a link to a website that features a series of articles and videos that explain, in great detail, the scientific evidence of past catastrophes that visited the earth just a few thousands of years ago. Please go to THUNDERBOLTS.INFO. They do not rely on magic or occult spiritualism for proving their theories. They present hard scientific evidence to change the paradigm of current scientific theory. On that site is a vast list of links to supporting sites and books. For books, I would recommend a series of books written by Dwardu Cardona entitled: GOD STAR, FLARE STAR, and PRIMORDIAL STAR. These are the most complete accounts of the past that I have ever read.

GOD STAR By Dwardu Cardona
Drawing on ancient sources and recent discoveries in the sciences, author Dwardu Cardona describes an ancient sky remembered around the world, when early nations worshipped the planet Saturn as the first "sun" and the original "supreme god." 518 pages.

FLARE STAR By Dwardu Cardona
This book is the second in the series--the first being God Star. Again, drawing from astrophysics, plasma cosmology, comparative mythology, linguistics, geology, paleontology, symbology, petroglyphs, art, religion and beliefs, Cardona builds a compelling argument for the reconstruction of prehistoric times. The overwhelming evidence explains the worship, temples, and monuments of the ancient people.

The third in the above series, and gives a fresh, big-picture canvass of the lack of coherence in the current geological, palaeontological, biological, and astro-physical findings and models. Following on the heels of its two prequels, God Star and Flare Star, and in keeping with the spirit of Occam's razor, what the present work proposes is a unifying theme that not only resolves each and every one of the above mysteries, but quite a few related ones.

See these and more educational resources at Mikamar Publishing.com.

I believe that having guests from the THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT on Dreamland would shake up your listeners and introduce them to the true causes of the state of the Solar System.

I also listened to your interview with Jim Marrs when you mentioned the warming of all the planets and other Solar System objects and the THUNDERBOLTS.INFO web site and videos explain, quite convincingly the cause of this phenomena.

Please do not ignore this post... I am serious because the information available will shake your core beliefs about the origin of the global myths and it's all backed by science.

Ed Martell
Arlington, WA

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