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Friday June 28, 2013

The Reality of ESP Proved by a Physicist

Russell Targ, one of the greatest scientists ever to work in the field of ESP has proved that it must be real. He explains why, and his reasons are powerfully convincing. Russell co-founded the Stanford Research Institute's famed program to explore psychic abilities. The basic techniques of remote viewing still in use today were developed at SRI by such pioneers as Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff, Pat Price, Joe McMoneagle and others.

In this spellbinding interview, Russell Targ reveals recently declassified material from his days at SRI for the first time, and offers a convincing explanation for ESP.

Dreamland is about empowerment, because the more we understand about generally denied subjects such as ESP, the more we can access our hidden and denied abilities. This interview will go a long way toward not only what ESP is and what it can do, but more importantly, how it works.

You can contact Russell on his website, ESPResearch.com.

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Mindblowing ESP Secrets

Russell Targ tells intimate and amazing stories about many of the people who visited his lab at the Stanford Research Institute, including Uri Geller, whose performance at the lab was so extraordinary that Targ and his colleagues were able to publish a paper about it in Nature, one of the world's most prestigious scientific journals. Beyond that, he offers a riveting explanation of just WHY the human mind can do things like remote view and how it actually has its primary existence outside of the stream of time. One of the greatest scientists in the history of ESP tells some of the most incredible stories of ESP, precognition, mediumship and other psychic powers that you will ever hear.

Just a hint: you will learn the absolutely incredible reason that Winston Churchill got Parliament after World War II to repeal the Witchcraft Act of 1735. It has to do with a medium who was imprisoned during the war for witchcraft, a young sailor who drowned, and a grateful mother. And that's just one of the stories! Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!

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I have had experiences with ESP before. There have been times where I will think of something and someone will respond to me as if I had spoken to them. In high school I was in my Economy class and I was thinking something I had wanted an answer to. After a while, the teacher addressed me and ANSWERED the question!

Years after in college, I caught someone staring at me when I was walking down a hall after classes. I was annoyed and in my head I had wanted that person to look down, so then I thought in my head "LOOK DOWN", and immediately that person did exactly as I had thought...as if my thought had been heard aloud.

I have had other experiences with ESP I will not discuss here due to personal reasons and I'm sure one can understand. I'm glad to say the least it doesn't happen often.

(EDIT: I would like to clarify, I cannot read minds, but somehow thoughts escape on occasion and the person on the receiving end of the message is often left confused and bewildered.)

Some ESP can be a mixed blessing at times. Occaisionally I hear the thoughts of others so loudly, it sounds as if they are speaking aloud. Often this is when they are some kind of threat to me, however vague, and it took many years to realise that they weren't vocalising words, rather that these were thoughts I was overhearing.

I couldn't believe how rude some people were in speaking loudly near me about some negative perception of me.... of course, it was 'the voice of seeing' as Dr Castaneda described, and not just an example of astoundingly poor manners.

The value to me? Once I adjusted to the true nature of this innate human ability (or exquisite instinct as Mr Strieber describes it) I quickly realised not to waste time trying too hard with people... I just go about my business, largely avoiding entanglement and I feel much better about, oh, everything!! Haha!! Life's good. Peace.

Oh, never let on that you can hear them, btw... ever.

I, too, have had ESP experiences throughout my life. I really enjoyed this discussion and will go to Russell Targ's website.

For anyone interested, this looks like it might be worthwhile - a webinar with Dean Radin:


I was surprised Russell Targ didn't mention long distance energy healing as being a psychic gift. Has he or anybody else done a serious scientific study on this phenomena because it works. I've used it a number of times myself. It would seem this is an aspect of the psychic world that begs for study and it certainly seems to involve the idea of nonlocal consciousness.

I was surprised Russell Targ didn't mention long distance energy healing as being a psychic gift. Has he or anybody else done a serious scientific study on this phenomena because it works. I've used it a number of times myself. It would seem this is an aspect of the psychic world that begs for study and it certainly seems to involve the idea of nonlocal consciousness.

One thing I have noticed with regard to my own psychic abilities is that they tend to flourish when my body is healthy. I attribute this to an allotment of resources within the body---when one is healing oneself one automatically expends energy on that as a matter of survival. When the body is well, extra energy is freed up and psychic abilities can improve because that energy is now available at the discretion of the user. This may be part of the mind/body connection, when the body is doing well the mind has additional energy reserves from which to draw upon. This implies that training the body to improve the mind is a good idea, and that when one is not in a state of distress (due to a sickness) energy can be used to advance ESP range. From this, I infer that psychic abilities are often not recognized by people in the general population because many people out there are in a general state of sickness (from toxins in diet and environment) and that they don't have energy available for using their psychic abilities because they are currently healing themselves. I have found that improving the body consistently improves ESP range, day by day, as the body gets stronger. Sickness tends to rob the body of psychic energy, unless a person in such a state is highly aware of ESP capabilities beforehand. People who are younger often have more ability than those who are aged, because of the healthy condition of their bodies. This also explains why people can lose ESP abilities as they grow older, the body then moves into healing mode as the body degenerates. People who are old and who have no knowledge of their ESP ability would also have a tougher time learning (unless open minded), since their body may be in healing mode past a certain age. Thus, a type of resistance among skeptical older people concerning the existence of ESP would evolve as a natural matter of course due to their bodies' weakened condition. This may be part of the establishment's (who are mainly comprised of older, tenured professors) reluctance to accept "mystical" ideas.

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