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Friday January 27, 2012

A Rare Case of Documented Missing Time (NOTE UPDATE)

A witness is driving down Interstate 15 in Utah late at night. Suddenly, she has an incapacitating headache and has to pull over. She then sees, just ahead of her car, a massive UFO. Seemingly a moment later, she finds herself on the roadside on another highway fifteen miles away. And not only that, there is a minivan that was on I 15 beside her--and it's still beside her! AND THEN she discovers a third car that has been shifted from I-15 to Legacy Highway as well. AND none of the cars will start. And then--incredibly--a tow truck shows up, but the driver is disoriented and has no idea why he came!

The witness has memories of her encounter which suggest that there is some sort of a competition going on for access to mankind.

Listen as she describes not only her own encounter in vivid detail, but also her discussion with the witnesses in the other cars. A truly astonishing report, filled with insight about what happened during the encounter and what it meant. Unforgettable.

UPDATE: The photo illustrating this edition of Dreamland was taken by the witness during the close encounter experience. DO NOT MISS: A video of what appears to be the same UFO, taken 2 nights ago in Utah. To see the video and our Out There story, click here.

Keep up with Linda Moulton Howe and Earthfiles.com every day. To go to Earthfiles.com, click here.

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Strange Sounds: Many Hoaxes, but also Something Real.

Here, Whitley Strieber discusses the strange sounds being heard worldwide, as well as those he has personally heard. As he points out in the discussion, a great many of these are hoaxes, and they are of two kinds. The first kind is hoaxes where the sound is actually being generated by the person making the video. The second and more common type is the video where a strange sound has been captured from another video and reposted. People are apparently doing this for fun and, in some cases, to create the impression that the 'last trump' of the bible is being sounded and the end of the world is at hand.

Whitley mentions two videos in his talk, one of which is a known hoax, and one of which he has personally verified with the individual who made the recording.

To listen to the hoax, click here.

To listen to the verified audio, click here.

In the verified audio, there are two sounds. One is a rushing sound from the sky that is similar to what Whitley has also heard. The second is a higher pitched sound that could be a distant siren. However, the person who made the recording drove two miles in the apparent direction of the second sound, and could not locate a source, nor did it get louder. This means that it was possibly being projected by unusual atmospheric conditons from a great distance off, or it was originating in the sky.

Whitley also mentions a report from the Canadian earthquake reporting service to the effect that shaking on South Vancouver Island is due to sounds of unknown origin and not earthquakes. To read that report, click here.

Here is a listing of all strange sound recordings posted so far. (This listening does not attempt to tell the difference between hoaxes and genuine recordings. Unfortunatley, the hoaxers are doing their most damaging work when attempts like this to create distribution maps are attempted.) To
see the list, click here.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The 'Sandy' Interview is now avaiable in the Special Interview section on the Subscriber Home Page. We are presenting this additional report because of the newsworthy nature of the content.

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I live in West Point Utah very near Bountiful. Saw a definite triangular craft with an orange light in the center and two blue-white lights on the 'wing' tips just the other night with my husband. We live just west of the Hill Air Force Base and often see experimental craft. But this was the first actual triangle I've seen. Where are the pictures?? Is the picture above what the girl saw? It kind of annoys me that we'd be able to hear this astonishing report but not see pictures unless we join LMH's site.

Hmm, a damn interesting interview with Sandy here. (EDITOR'S NOTE: The Sandy Interview is now accessible in the Special Interviews section of the Subscriber Homepage. Due to there being so much happening at present, we have added a second discussion this week.) When she reported keeping her eyes closed, that reminded me of Barney and Betty Hill's encounter when Barney was walking with his eyes closed... couldn't see anything. Most interesting. Overall, look, to be fair to everyone, it's not easy handling an interview like this, especially when the interviewee isn't used to or doesn't want attention. Mr and Mrs Strieber juggle hot plates with cases like this and to maintain a balanced half hour of questions and relaxed two way conversation that holds the attention of the listener is something that isn't mastered easily. Aye, sometimes I think that interviewers interrupt sometimes, but then again I often think that they don't chase a point enough and it can often be lost through the need for momentum and continuity in the interview. Generally, a nice little interview and Sandy handled her nervousness well. One thing, how do 'they' get us to keep our eyes closed at times like this? Been there myself and you sometimes seem to keep your eyes closed just after starting screaming, so, how DO they do that? Would be a great little trick to learn for my ex-girlfriend's Mother, for sure. Keeping her mouth and eyes shut would make this world a better place, hehe.

If you do not follow Earthfiles, I urge you to do so. This interview with Linda is really the tip of the iceberg on this story. There is a wealth of expert reporting and information on her site, as well as extensive archives that help connect the dots. Linda is fearless, and is obviously quite intuitive herself. I also feel very strongly that she is an integral part of the mystery itself and a major player. She has been entrusted with these stories due to her wide-open mind, knowledge, experience, compassion, and integrity. Who has entrusted her with these stories? I think it goes beyond the witnesses and actual experiencers, and may possibly involve some of those 'running the show' of reality. If so, they have chosen well.

Many thanks to Linda Moulton-Howe!

Re: A Rare Case of Documented Missing Time
I am seventy years old and have been listening to Dreamland ever since Art Bell had it as a segment on his radio program years ago. During that time, there have been many, so called, investigators of the paranormal, most of whom predicted Earth shattering events, solar disasters, alien revelation, the return of Christ, Earth changes and so much more that it would take weeks and months to mention. All of the above guests had books to sell! And NONE of the predictions, revelations or premonitions have come to pass. Especially the disclosure of Alien contact! We have been listening to that dodge for over fifty years and buy every book that comes out! There is, however, one investigator that I take very seriously : Linda Moulton Howe. She investigates and reports what she finds. She does not claim to know the answers or reasons behind the "High Strangeness" she finds. That is the kind of reporting that I find fascinating and newsworthy.
To claim that every opinion is valuable is the biggest load of nonsense the public has ever been duped into believing. If I say up is down and black is white am I correct no matter how much I might believe it? Perhaps some word splicing philosopher, on an acid trip, can convince some of us but it will still be another erroneous claim. What is valuable about that? I have learned to separate the "wheat from the chaff" so to speak. Every once in a while, someone with real scientific investigative skills appears on Dreamland and makes my membership worth while (at least for me).
Beware the visionary who has written a library full of books and hawks them continuously.
I repeat : Religions, soothsayers, frauds and hustlers will exist as long as humans seek easy answers

Read the original source: http://www.unknowncountry.com/dreamland/secret-sion#ixzz1klwQapex

The Sandy interview was fascinating. So much material there. Please bring her back. I've never complained before but these comments about interruptions are valid. Perhaps Whitley could do the interview next time? I appreciate the valuable contributions Anne makes to this site and especially her role in Whitley's life, as a partner and wonderful support for him, but when I hear Anne is doing an interview I sometimes skip it because the interruptions are so annoying. Glad I listened to this one. It really did only scratch the surface though. I want to hear more. How many times in these Anne interviews does she say "but go on". How about just getting out of the way and allowing the guest to tell their story without interrupting constantly? Us subscribers have heard it already, many times. Be the interviewer, not the interviewee. It's about the guest.

Anne is outstanding for the work she does, and yes we would all like to hear more from Sandy

When You live in a world of abductions, reptillians, coboltblue aliens, missing time and William Henry's it is only natural that You try to verify an interviewee's story. This is what Ann is doing since she has an unique database of 500.000 abduction stories in her head. I just wish the interviews were longer, much longer. And I'm thankfull I don't live in that world (yet). Oh and the old dreamland interviews are just as fantastic as the new ones. Subscribe - don't miss out. I wouldn't want to be without that knowledge. Serious truth stuff! Lots of aha! moments. Not the old lies from mainstream society (which has let us down bigtime I think). People are starting to realise they can't trust the media, the politicians, the banks, religion. This site is rootbased knowledge distribution. And thank You for that!


Please try to schedule a follow-up interview with "Sandy." She obviously has a lot of information to impart, she's very articulate, and has an admirably objective point of view.

Whitley would love to see you interview Sandy, want to hear more from her.

We have just posted a discussion of the strange sounds here and in the Special Interview section. I am personally involved in the phenomenon, and I feel that it's developing fast, thus the second edition of our subscriber special this week. If you have any questions about it, I will answer them here. Comments welcome, too, of course.

Thanks for the special interview on the sounds, I have been very curious about them..

Hi just a comment that I live on Vancouver Island and did hear 2 unusual sounds early last week. One in which I'm sure was around 2 in the afternoon. It wasn't loud (although I was indoors) and it had a musical quality about it, which is why I thought I might have imagined it. I thought I had heard it another time but I can't recall the time of day it occurred. Was quite a surprise to see the link to the www.nrcan.gc.ca

The "Recent Unidentified Utah Aerial Craft - and Missing Time? " photos are available to non-subscribers at earthfiles via the following link (just scroll half way down the page)...


was walking home late one night from bus stop (11 ish) after heard about some of these sounds - trying to listen between planes for a kind of chronic hum that was clearly audible. Impossible. There is so much ambient noise (wind, traffic, planes, etc) where I live, it would cover almost anything. Since becoming aware of that, I'm realizing it is almost NEVER quiet in this area west of Boston MA... hm...

The incident of the audio engineer is especially interesting to me, as I have long heard sounds that most others do not. Ever since I went to my first (then so-called) ESP meeting in the 60’s, I’ve heard sounds that I think of as “higher frequencies.” They change according to circumstances. Sometimes it sounds like there are two channels, which sometimes blend & sometimes separate. In certain situations—yoga classes, acupunctures sessions, a visit to Stonehenge, entering a cathedral, going to a Matrix Energetics seminar—they suddenly change radically. So I wonder if some of us are simply attuned to hearing frequencies that others do not (we’re clairaudient, in other words). I know several other people who hear such sounds.

I know from experience that low frequency sounds can carry a surprising distance. When I moved to Pacific Grove, CA, I would often hear a very low-pitched slow throbbing late at night in my apartment, when it was most quiet. I decided to investigate and finally - mostly by 'luck' - discovered that a bad bearing in a very large Coast Guard radar dish in the government section of Monterey Harbor was the culprit. It was traveling three or so miles west, propagating through the hard granite bedrock under the Monterey Peninsula, and rebroadcast via my building.

About strange sounds... this article got me to thinking.
I live in a small, rural town about sixty miles NNE of Seattle. The three story, apartment building I live in is shaped, sort of, like a square sine wave (l_Tl_Tl_l) The section I live in is right at the inner corner of one of the squares and it functions like a huge ear. In the summer months I can hear the people on the verandas of buildings seventy-five to one hundred yards away quite easily. I have noticed a humming or throbbing sound before but never gave it a second thought... until now, that is. I've come to realize that I hear it constantly. Don't know if this is the same phenomena that is being reported but you have me listening more closely. It's probably something as mundane as the throbbing discovered and reported by msml from Pacific Grove.

Ahh Whitley,
I've been tempted to write to you many times. But your sincere invitation at the end of this talk has drawn me out.
I believe we are the same age and I lived in San Antonio in my youth. My Grandparents lived in New Orleans & we were a close family. We traveled by car on those dark 2 lane highways at night on countless visits. My Father loved to drive at night, but I was in sheer terror & would never sleep in the back seat. I often begged him to check into a motel. I waited & prayed to see those brightly lit billboards, to chase away my terror. We had many incidents of missing time & high strangeness. My parents read the Betty & Barney account & discussed it with us as factual. We seemed to take all manner of mysterious encounters that we had for granted. Before my Father became very ill in 98, I gathered the family together to discuss our memories, having given everyone 3 days to make notes beforehand. It's like fitting a puzzle together. I do believe that we were "taken" many times & received certain "gifts" in the process. All my family are gone now so I have to rely on my memories. But it seems to me that Really high strangeness has been reappearing in my life with greater frequency. I am looking forward with great anticipation, to revelations and understanding. Thank you sooo much for keeping this website alive!

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