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Friday December 7, 2012

The Pyramid and the Pentagon

The Pentagon does a great deal of research into our lost past. Nick Redfern tells us what they are looking for and why. The US government engages in a top secret pursuit of mystical relics, ancient astronauts and lost civilizations. Nick tells us about a long-forgotten war that lasted eighteen days and so profoundly changed our world that we literally have collective amnesia about it.

Dreamland is all about waking up and seeing the world as it really is, and Nick is among the leading researchers seeking to make that happen. What is being hidden has the ability to rock the foundations of our civilization and our personal beliefs.

Nick Redfern's website is NickRedfern.com.

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Keep Out--Government's Top Secret Places

The government's top secret places go far beyond Area 51, Wright-Patterson AFB and the others that are well known. Nick Redfern goes deeper here, providing us with information about some very, very secret places and what is being done there. Sometimes it seems as if the government hides everything that's really important. Listen as Nick Redfern blows the lid off some very deep secrets!

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There is a base on mount Lemon outside Tucson that the Air Force doesn't talk about.

I always love it when you guys discuss ancient events. Thank you for this. :)

THANK YOU Nick Redfern! The interview was great, but one short subject validated my work once again. (I cant prove it, so you dont have to believe it)
The Anhk, that egyptian cross with the loop at the top...
That was the key to the sonic tool used to move items. Like the hula hoop, it spun around the end of a rod inside a metal cone. Like the singing bowls from Tibet, the metal would resonate a tone. A group on either side of the large stone would project that sound. The stone, sitting at the apex of the 2 tones, would lift up. A "pusher" was behind the stone and moved it forward as the entourage moved along side.
Great Great Great. Thanks for a great interview and one more validation!!

Whitley - if you have the time can you please tell me what the suppressed book that you talked about in this Dreamland show is called, or what I should put in the Dreamland search engine. I couldn't make it out and I would like to listen to it. Thank you :)

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