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Friday January 11, 2013

Portal to the Future

Physicists say that time travel is possible, but we don't know how to do it--or DO WE? Marie D. Jones offers some new, radical and exciting answers in this interview about her and Larry Flaxman's explosive new book, this Book is from the Future. Are there time machines? Have there ever been, or are time machines from the future ALREADY coming back into our era?

And what are time-slips? Might we already be mentally time-traveling, perhaps when we dream or when we experience time slips, which people are now reporting all over the world.

And what of time travelers? Are time travelers already walking among us, and does a time machine already exist in a top secret government facility?

Dreamland at its exciting, provocative best! Welcome to the edge of the world.

Marie's website is MarieDJones.com

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Time Travel: Is It ALREADY HERE??

Whitley Strieber has had a couple of spectacular time travel experiences, and here he asks Marie D. Jones what they may mean and how they might happen. He has also had 'time slips' and he brings these to Marie. There is also an incredible discussion of the fact that scientists have recently discovered that wormholes might actually be opened, especially into parallel universes.

They also discuss Marie's research that suggests that children were used in military time-travel experiments, using a certain type of 'chair.' In his book the Secret School, Whitley discusses time travel experiences in his own childhood. Whitley tells of a moment in March of 1983 when he slipped back in time on a streetcorner in New York City--and announces a recent discovery about the location where this happened that is a real stunner.

This is a riveting journey into the possibilities of time travel between an expert researcher and a person who has actually had such experiences, something that is available in only one place, at least in this world at this time: Unknowncountry.com!

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The subscriber interview here was really excellent, mystical in fact. Questions are so much more provocative than answers.

In a universe where we are its creator (we are creative beings), the question 'how is it?' loses value and is replaced with 'how do you want to experience it this time?' The real challenge is not just having knowledge about what is, but having imagination in creating what is next.

A cycle with each phase feeding off the other - create, then know and experience what was created, then re-create... forever.

Time as a cycling of cycles within cycles is far more interesting than point A-to-point B. One could get lost in it, and in fact does. As with adding any new dimension to one's movement, it is filled with potential freedom - aka magic.

Anne mentioned that a link to the Dreamland show with 'time traveller' David Lewis Anderson would be made available. I can't seem to see that link anywhere, so here it is...


Also there seems to be a dodgy edit at around 17:14 (8MB download) where after the break, we miss a lot of what Whitley is saying...something about an explosion, requesting that listeners send information into www.earthfiles.com

I can only assume Whitley is talking about this article...

Unexplained Loud Booms Persist in United States

Great interviews by the way! During the subscriber section, I was wondering if UFOs might be a facilitating device to allow the physical body to travel with the mind through time...in another words, that without the mind of the occupant(s), the craft would not be able to time-slip; So it it not just a matter of setting a 'lever' to 2013 and the UFO travels there regardless but that the craft and pilot are an integral being, at least during the journey.

Anne, Whitley and William, I have listened to all three interviews and want to thank all of you.

I am thinking of two entirely different sources here.

New International Version (©1984)

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”…..So, would these angels, out of scripture, be what we refer today as time travelers?

THEN, this quote from an old movie called, “I SAW WHAT YOU DID.”

"I saw what you did, and I know who you are." Here again, an ever awareness of everything going on, on our planet by (time travelers). Do they see all and know all?

I do hope those reading the posts from subscribers will consider being subscribers as well, I for one would love to hear what others have to say on the many topics. Each voice is important and each person has a gift to share.

Thank You Anne, and Whitley for the great interviews. Anne is certainly Unknowcountry.com's secret weapon! Very insightful.

Perhaps instead of thinking of time as an arrow I wonder if time may be (at least our current experience of it) more like a wavefront. A perturbation in the manifold (see calabi-yau) and our awareness is in effect 'surfing' along as it progresses. I like the concept of body surfing this wave and some people like Whitley are able to periodically pop their head up and witness this action from a different perspective.

Conversely, the experience of death is akin to re-submerging until another wave comes along and we can ride again for a while.

I was just thinking (I should stop it, I know!)...that with reference to what I was saying above, the same could be said about the human soul/body...that they are an integral being, at least during the journey (life)...

@ Carollee, when you quoted..."Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”…..So, would these angels, out of scripture, be what we refer today as time travelers?"

I wonder...if this were true, that time travellers from the near future might be classes as angels...but from a far future, as aliens / visitors? ...or maybe the opposite?

In the mention of Al Bielik and the supposed "Chair", I first heard of him interviewed on the radio (coast to coast) and he sounded fairly schizophrenic but I thought I would try his writings as well. After looking over one of his little books I saw a schematic (block diagram actually) of the computer hooked up to the chair. First I was overjoyed as I am an electronics technician and I wanted to see what could be advanced tech! Then I was very disappointed when I recognized it as an 'advanced' 1960's superheterodyne communications receiver. A radio receiver. That and the rest of the book made me realize that the poor man was indeed schizophrenic without treatment as are probably many out there involved the Montauk mythology. Just because you 'think' something should be, or the voices in your head say so, doesn't mean something is. It's good to keep an open mind but not so open your brains fall out.

The science of the soul- and they do control this, and Roswell, yes It was a staged event as whitley alluded to in "Majestic". It was a staged event not by us but by the visitors!

While it was generally an interesting discussion, I was disappointed that Anne felt the need to gratuitously drop an "f-bomb" into the conversation. There is too much crude language in our society today, and there was absolutely no need to add to it.

Sorry I missed the initial run of this. It seems to be half missing now. They are about to take a break, then there is a cut-off commercial, and then the end. Wonder what the rest of it was.

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