Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday January 16, 2010

Politicians and Child Abuse

In 2006, Whitley Strieber wrote a journal about the Finders case, in which the CIA suppressed a Customs Service investigation into a pedophile network. Since then, he has been struggling to find another way into this case, and now he has. It is the searing book The Franklin Scandal, by Nick Bryant.

In this atomic blast of an interview, Whitley asks Nick the crucial questions that lead to an inescapable conclusion: there is, and has been for a long time, somebody engaged in the entrapment of the powerful by tempting them into abusive relationships with child prostitutes. So the question must be asked, how many of our leaders are compromised in this way.

You will never forget Nick Bryant's answer to the question: is this still going on? Whitley Strieber plans to send copies of the Franklin Scandal to everyone he knows in government, demanding that the suppressed records be released, and a new and honest congressional investigation be undertaken that deals with the specific issue of why both the CIA and the FBI have suppressed previous efforts to uncover the truth about this.

Nick Bryant's website is FranklinScandal.com.

Read Whitley's Journal "What about the Children," by clicking here.

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