Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday August 23, 2008

A Pilot Looks at 911

This week Whitley Strieber asks long time airline pilot Phillip Marshall about why it was that scantily trained terrorists could have executed the highly skilled flight maneuvers that were needed to bring of the 911 attacks--and you'd better be sitting down when you hear his expert opinion. You will listen to every word as Phillip Marshall methodically and carefully explains, using both his knowledge of the planes involved, and his knowledge of how tactical air operations are conducted, to show that the terrorists must have had training at a much higher level of expertise than has been revealed. And then you will hear about a chilling Las Vegas connection, and that those three planeloads of Saudi Nationals who were mysteriously flown out of the US at midnight on 911 left from...Las Vegas.

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Dreamland 911 Guest Has Killed Himself or Been Murdered. This is His 2008 Interview

2008 Dreamland guest Phillip Marshall has either killed himself and his children or been the victim of a brutal multiple murder. He was a pilot who maintained that poorly trained terrorists could not have executed some of the flight maneuvers that the 911 jets carried out. Shortly before his death, he allegedly told friends that he had earth-shaking new information.

You can listen here to his 2008 interview.

To read about his death as a murder-suicide, click here.

To read about it as an assassination, click here.

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