Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday December 20, 2008

Orbs: What are They?

Many Dreamlanders photograph orbs. At the Dreamland Festival, there were dozens of photographs of orbs taken, especially around Anne Strieber. But what are they? Some of us think of them as the spirits of the dead. Others believe that they?­re artifacts of the digital age-anomalies that appear in digital media.

Since the Dreamland Festival, other photos of Anne have shown orbs close to her, and she has become extremely curious about what they are. Listen as she interviews a remarkable orb expert from England, Antonia Scott-Clark, who has been photographing them for years, and now tells us her ideas and theories.

They also discuss extensively whether or not they are camera artifacts, and come to some surprising conclusions, because it turns that Antonia and others have been photographed on old-fashioned film cameras as well.

And then there is the orb that had writing in it, and what it had to do with the crusades of the middle ages..and with Antonia Scott-Clarke herself. (Yep, it?­s surprising, but this is Dreamland, the home of serious wonder!)

There is remarkable and unusual information in the interview. Antonia Scott-Clarke's website is IncredibleLightBeings.com

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