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Friday March 14, 2014

Flight 370 Special, then NPR Correspondent Margot Adler on Vampires

First, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, including a discussion--a rational and accurate one--of aircraft disappearances that have been connected to UFO events, of which there are three known, all involving much smaller planes.

Then we continue with our regular programming: NPR Correspondent Margot Adler is also a leading expert on vampires, and Whitley Strieber calls her book Vampires Are Us "the most imaginative answer to the question of why we are fascinated by vampires ever written." But WHY do we find them so fascinating? Why do they appear in virtually every culture in the world? What are they, really, and why is the literature about them so vast? Are there real vampires, and what about psychic vampires? Listen as Margot tells her story of what happened when she brought that subject up during a lecture to Romanian women in Transylvania.

Anne Strieber tells her story of a terrifying experience she had with a psychic vampire while she was pregnant, and Margot explores the mystery of why we are, more and more, interested in vampires and the dead--or the living dead.

As always, Dreamland's take on this subject is completely unique.

This edition of Dreamland is dedicated to the missing of Flight 370 and to their families. Our prayers go with them in their suffering.

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Paganism, Ritual and Gaining Control over Close Encounter

Many of us involved in the close encounter experience have discovered that, whether it is alien contact or not, it is also connected to encounters with our own dead, and with powerful energies that are mostly ignored and denied in the modern world, but were respected, understood and used in the past. Margot Adler, author of one of the seminal books on modern paganism, Drawing Down the Moon, here discusses the power of ritual and describes rituals she has developed herself.

Could ritual draw the mysterious energy that seems connected to both the dead and the visitors into form? Could we take the initiative in close encounter by using ritual?

Margot and Whitley discuss their experiences with ritual, and Whitley tells of his explorations of Vodoun, the voodoo religion of West Africa and how Vodoun ritual seems to cause its gods to manifest, at least in the minds of participants in the ceremonies.

But could there be more to ritual? Perhaps it goes far beyond conventional ideas of religious practice. Last week, we explored Starfire Tor's theories of reality shift manifestation, and next week we'll be talking to Robert Bingham, who can cause orb and UFO manifestations that can be photographed by large groups of witnesses in daylight gatherings.

Dreamland and Unknowncountry are about empowerment, and our subscriber area is devoted to actually becoming empowered. There is much, much more to our relationship to and ability to relate to the energetic world than we have been led to believe. Here, we explore the possibilities that facing this truth opens up to us.

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I believe all this can be put under the umbrella of multidimensional consciousness. Its not the end of linear thinking either because linear thinking will always have its place instead its being able to embrace, understand and integrate the multidimensional thinking, consciousness or perspective with the linear ideas and thinking. I've always said this is how the new age will start and it seems to me its begun.

Mr. Simond is on to it! Insightful.

If the gene pool on this planet is about to shrink drastically, thereby arguably reducing the genetic choice available to outside observers, it's not unthinkable that brash, highly daring grabs of a few hundred people may become more frequent.

This may especially be the case if someone had prior knowledge of the almost complete obliteration of the Indian sub continent as an area of civilisation/mass population. One imagines that moving as many people away from such a soon to be calamitous area would be a proirity among those keen to preserve a varied and developing gene pool.

Equally, there may have been someone on that plane that someone wanted badly, very badly. A guest on Coast last week also posits this suggestion.

All in all, a worrying time for the families. I'm so sorry that people must be hurting right now.

my thoughts and prayers go to all who are grieving and suffering loss.
whitley and anne (so glad that you are staying strong, positive) thanks so much for this topic. i am always on the hunt for new rituals. interesting ideas and always learning more about my beloved paganism. this program with the renowned margot adler gave it to me in abundance. blessed be.

As we get closer to "discovering" the dump site for the plane, new meaning is registered for art work using found objects. At some point understanding this world through just the internet will fail you. At this point you will discover that it is through the arts that information should be absorbed. http://www.kenboe.com

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