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Saturday May 29, 2010

New Phoenix Lights Revelations

You've heard about the Phoenix Lights, the triangle that appeared at the same time, the debunking, the jokes and GovernorFife Symington's eventual admission that he had seen thetriangle, too. You've also heard Lynne Kitei's story, BUT NEVER LIKE THIS.

Listen as Dr. Lynne tells Marla Frees the remarkable story of what happened BEFORE the mass sighting, AND the fact that similar sightings happened worldwide during the time of the Phoenix Lights. For example, there is photographic evidence that the objects had appeared over Phoenix THREE TIMES prior to the mass sightings.

Recently, the National Guard actually attempted to recreate the event with flares, and by doing so proved once and for all that flares are not the answer, as their display in no way duplicated the original lights, much less the huge triangle.

In the years that Dr. Lynne has stayed with this story, she has played an enormous role in bringing the reality of the UFO experience to the world. Now she is finally telling the intimate story of her amazing life as a person who just could not turn away from the miracle that was unfolding in her life, and eventually involved a whole city, and the world.

Dr. Lynne's website is ThePhoenixLights.net.

Marla Frees' website is MarlaFrees.com.

Read Governor Symington's description of what he really saw here.

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