Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday September 13, 2008

Near Death Experiences--What Happens When You Come Back?

Dreamland favorite PMH Atwater joins our resident psychic medium Marla Frees for an enriching and informative discussion of what happens in the months and years AFTER a person returns from a near death experience. Then Linda Howe interviews a drone witness who had the most vivid and closest encounter ever...and the most disturbing.

PMH Atwater has been on Dreamland many times, and she is one of our most popular guests. She has had sessions with over 4,000 adult and child near death experiencers, as well as written 8 books on her findings. Many of them have increased their psychic powers, intellects and creativity, had powerful spiritual awakenings, as well, as in some cases, darker experiences.

Don't miss this thrilling interview with one of the great masters of the spiritual world, with Dreamland's on master psychic medium, Marla Frees!

Marla's website is MarlaFrees.com.

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Although this is an old podcast, I have just recently listened to it. I intend to pursue her later works to validate in my mind if she's genuine. In this podcast she sounds somewhat hysterical and very full of herself, not like a scientist with humility. She contradicts, to some degree, some of Dannion Brinckley's information on transitioning to the other side, meeting Jesus Christ, and the experience of being on the other side. I am always mistrustful of someone with a busy ego, which she seems to exhibit. For now I believe Dannion Brinckley's accounts would be more reliable.

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