Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday March 26, 2011

The NASA Conspiracies

What does NASA actually know about UFOs? Famed researcher Nick Redfern shares his discoveries. He has researched the matter extensively, and has just published a book about it, the NASA Conspiracies.  For example, he says that there is evidence that NASA knew about the face on Mars long before it was revealed to the public. He also asserts that the evidence that the face is an ancient artificial structure is overwhelming, and discusses the brilliant work of the late Mac Tonnies, who explored the origins of the face in terms of history.  He discusses the most extraordinary of all questions about the face: why does it look so human, and what does NASA really know about this?

Dreamland at its informative and entertaining BEST.

Co-Host Marie D. Jones's website is MarieDJones.com.

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Whitley Strieber and Nick Redfern on Gary McKinnon's NASA Discoveries

For our subscribers Whitley Strieber  asks Nick Redfern, "was Mars murdered" which begins a terrific discussion not only about Mars, but also about what Gary McKinnon found in NASA's database, what Edgar Mitchell really knows, and the role that he and Gordon Cooper have played in encouraging disclosure.  The photo included here is also discussed in the interview. It is of what appears to be a figure leaping off a rock on Mars, taken by one of the Mars Rovers. Could such a thing really be true? Listen and find out!

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To me it looks like the statue of "The Little Mermaid" in Copenhagen harbor.

Special Interview sounded like a repeat of the free interview to me.
Every Wednesday, I look forward to William Henry's interviews. But lately, they are not "EVERY WEDNESDAY" as advertised.

Although I appreciate Marie D. Jones, she needs to refine her skills as a host. Her need to continually "step on" Redfern's words made the program extremely difficult to hear. It was very hard to understand many of his comments, and often her interruptions served only to truncate his points or caused a loss of direction. I felt I missed more than I heard from Nick Redfern.

Could this truly be what NASA is covering up, that the Martians are us.

Why dosen't NASA land a craft near the area of the face and get close up pictures to prove once and for all if it really is a carved face, their always landing their craft in remote area's of Mars with nothing around ?
Why hide something which could be the biggest story of humanity ?

Marie D. Jones is enough to make one ignore any interview she conducts. I pay to listen to Unknown Country guest interviews and it is annoying to listen to the host constantly muttering over the speaker. Why doesn't she have her private questions after the interview. Nick Redfern is an interesting guy and I wanted to hear what he had to say. Her interview style is distracting.

I agree with that observation, but, when I suggested that when Mrs Strieber was doing an interview, I took a bunch of flack from quite a few fellow subscribers! I wasn't trying to be unkind, hell, I'm a huge fan of the Striebers! I was just making a suggestion that the interviewed person be allowed to answer a question without undue interruption It seems (to some of the subscribers) that you may express any opinion that You would care to...... As long as it matches their own opinions, and I ended up taking the same type of B.S. that Mr. Strieber had to put up with during many of his interviews. Well, I will not shut up, and I will continue subscribing to this great site!


I think Dreamland was not going to air last week because Whitley was busy with important health concerns. I assumed that it did not happen, but I am pleasantly surprised to see that they did do a show. In fact, Marie probably stepped up to help out at the last minute to put a show together.

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