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Saturday April 16, 2011

Michael Glickman: Crop Circles, the Greatest Mystery

Two weeks ago, Andrew Collins told us that all crop formations are made by skilled and secretive human artists. This week, Michael Glickman says that the opposite is true: that virtually none of them are hoaxes.

In this interview with Whitley Strieber, Michael shares his years of research with us, explaining how there are really two crop circle phenomena, one that celebrates the astonishing and inexplicable formations, and another, darker phenomenon that has a very different agenda.

He and Whitley also talk about the two formations, the Chilbolton "Aricibo Reply" formation and the Crabwood "Disk" formation that are completely different in the way they communicate from all the others.

But why are they so different, and what was the Crabwood formation really intended to say with its famous message, "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. We oppose deception."

Who was this message intended to reach? Why was it sent in this strange way? Michael has some remarkable answers.

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Susan Joy Rennison: the Sun and the Human Mind

On March 2, William Henry interviewed Susan Joy Rennison on Revelations and Whitley Strieber was taken aback by a flood of new ideas about the relationship between the human mind and something we as much take for granted as we do not understand: the sun. He said that he thought it was one of the most important and valuable interviews he'd ever heard, and immediately went deeper for our subscribers in this riveting exploration of some of the most powerful and most secret information you will ever hear.

However, the interview did not run in the subscriber area as scheduled, so we're making up for that error by running it this week. The discussion of the Federal Reserve between Jim Marrs and Whitley Strieber will be run at a later time.

You can learn more about Susan's work at SusanRennison.com.

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Thanks for re interviewing Susan I really liked the one about the Sun with henry too. I think it is a living being that affects or can even help us if we just know how to ask. I don't mean some giant physical fire hand coming out of the sky but on the level of consciousness and energy , improvement. Keep up the good work whitley anne and unknown country workers!

Very powerful statement that CMEs erupting from the sun (when viewed on the SOHO LASCO-C3 telescope) appear like double helix DNA. I also can easily allow my mind to nephelococcygia (seeing shapes in the clouds http://www.weatherworks.com/monthly/activities/nephelococcygia.html) and see human-shaped forms leaping out in some of the larger CMEs. Since I began paying closer scrutiny to the sun vis-a-vis SOHO and now SDO, I have always been amazed that the tensions on earth both human and natural are punctuated by increased solar activity.

With regards to the correlation between solar activity and key events in human history, you may be interested to read the following...


...and the following article by David Wilcock on that subject...


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