Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Friday December 2, 2011

Messages from the Dead: A Whole New Ballgame

Many people are discovering incredible new connections to the afterlife, and Dreamland is beginning an exploration of what they are finding that will continue into the new year. For our first offering, Dreamland co-host Marla Frees interviews Frank DeMarco, who has made important new discoveries about how to contact the dead.

Frank DeMarco founded Hampton Roads Books, but under another hat he is an explorer in the realms of the afterlife, and he has made an exciting new discovery. He has come to understand how to get reliable messages from what he believes to be the world of the dead, and here he tells us just what those messages are! Don't miss his book the Cosmic Internet, which offers some very new revelations about what those in the other level of human reality are telling us.

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The Most Important UFO Book Ever Published

Frank De Marco is not only the author of the Cosmic Internet, he was the founder and chief editor of Hampton Roads Books, and it was in this capacity that he published what Whitley Strieber calls in his new book, Solving the Communion Enigma, "the most important UFO book ever published." Listen as Whitley talks about Paul Hill's book Unconventional Flying Objects, how it came to him, and his insider knowledge of its origins and meaning. This unique interview is one more reason that you should subscribe to Unknowncountry.com. You just can't get information like this anywhere else.

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Thanks for this. Frank is a gem.

How nice to hear Seth and Jane Roberts mentioned! Although I first ran across the Seth books in the early '70s, I have recently been re-reading them, and I find the ideas hold up very well, perhaps even better, now in the 21st century. And it seems odd that out of all the people involved with UFOs, Cayce, heightened states of consciousness and such, I seldom hear anyone speak about the writings of Seth. Perhaps your comments will generate a new interest, Marla!

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