Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday February 6, 2010

Meet a Time Traveler

Has David Lewis Anderson traveled in time? There are those who say they've seen him in their own pasts.But one thing he's very clear about: time travel IS possible, and he's on a crusade to inform the public about this startling new reality. In this interview with Whitley Strieber, he tells us just how far time travel research has gone, and what it means for our lives and our future.

He delivers a ringing call for more openness in what is arguably the most provocative and dangerous scientific research ever undertaken. It seems more and more possible that the past could indeed be restitched by time travelers, but what might the consequences be? Frighteningly, they would probably be able to change our world without our knowing it. We could find ourselves living in a new reality of somebody else's making, without even knowing what we have lost.

Or has that already happened?

This is Whitley Strieber at his provocative best, interviewing a brilliant and enigmatic man, a scientist at the far edge of science.

David Lewis Anderson's website is AndersonInstitute.com.

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