Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday March 22, 2008

Marla Frees & Richard Bartlett, Linda Howe Drone update

First, Whitley Strieber interviews Linda Howe on the raging drones controversy, then Dreamland's expert on matters spiritual, psychic medium Marla Frees talks with Richard Bartlett about his concept of Matrix Energetics. Marla has personally participated in one of his workshops and will report on the effects of his program, which is based on fundamental principles of quantum physics. One of Dreamland's most important missions is to explore whether or not science can ever produce objective results regarding spiritual experiences, and Richard Bartlett is an ideal guest for us, because that's exactly what his ideas offer: reproducible results. And Marla Frees, with her extensive experience of mediumship and her psychic abilities proven by her police work, is the ideal interviewer to probe the depths of his ideas. Expect the best from Dreamland. We go deeper! Richard Bartlett's website is MatrixEnergetics.com. Marla Frees' website is MarlaFrees.com.

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