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Friday November 4, 2011

Linda Howe on the Incredible Kansas City UFO Wave

There have been a remarkable series of UFO sightings in and around Kansas City since April. Of course, they have been debunked by the media because of a flight of small aircraft that took wing during the week of October 10. However, that's hardly the whole story. Listen as Linda Moulton Howe interviews Margie Kay about an account by a retired police officer who had an extensive close encounter of the third kind in his back yard on April 5, 2011 at three in the morning.

Linda says, "I think that it is one of the saddest comments on human civilization that this man must remain anonymous or risk being ridiculed." He has 90 minutes of time he cannot account for but has refused to make any further attempt to learn what happened to him.

But his case is only a small part of what is proving to be a major part of one of the greatest UFO flaps in history, the worldwide event of 2011.

In addition to the report, there is a completely astonishing dialogue between Linda and Whitley about 2012. It is probably the single most interesting thing your Dreamland editor has ever heard on the topic. Do not miss this one!

Linda Moulton Howe's website is Earthflies.com.

Any information for Linda? Email her at earthfiles@earthfiles.com.

Seen something in Missouri or the Kansas City area? Email Margie Kay at MargieKay06@Yahoo.com.

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Interview with Contactee "Ken:" A lifetime of encounters and a defense department connection.

Ken's close encounters started in childhood, but he didn't become aware that they were occurring until 2002, at the age of 50. Defense Department officials have had an involvement in his case, and an implant was removed from his son a few years ago. In college, he was a security guard for a secret defense related program, and he believes that this was somehow associated with his close encounters.

Listen as Anne Strieber uses her enormous knowledge of the close encounter experience to guide Ken through a very provocative interview.

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Hm interesting, very deep, thanks anne for bringing this interview to us. just curious why it is that the interviews dont run for longer ?



Hm interesting, very deep, thanks anne for bringing this interview to us. just curious why it is that the interviews dont run for longer ?



I had no idea the orange firey thingys were so common. I never reported here or to any agency (almost contacted Linda about it) but a year ago this summer myself and seven other people, one of which was an ex-pilot, saw two of these things as clear as day at about 10PM, just flying/floating silently past us going east-bound. I of course asked the pilot about it, and he said "never saw such a thing, have no idea." I filmed them with my small Canon, as well as a camcorder with zoom when the second one came by (ran in the house at light speed to get it once we saw the second one coming). Probably a few thousand feet up, at my best guess (which would be a very poor one, I could not discern the height). The best I could describe it was as if one was looking into the tail end of an engine expelling fire, but it had this appearance both coming at us, over us, and past us. I've had two other sightings my entire life (40's) but this one was just blatant and spectacular. The silence and steady track was what was so unusual, besides just seeing this fireball thing slowly pass across the entire sky.

The interview with Ken was "iffy." When someone says they're smoking dope and then goes into the extremes of conspiracy theory...even tho some of the theories may indeed be accurate, and I'm familiar with all of them...it lends itself quickly to being discredited. We need witnessed who do not use drugs and do not have set beliefs about the nature of things such as the alleged Illuminati/evil/etc. I don't necessarily disbelieve him, I would just hold more importance on other witnesses who simply report on experience over tying in personal beliefs.

Good to hear you again Linda, hope you will be on Dreamland more often, great interview.

What a lovely picutre of Linda in the Fields - TY. BB.

Good job on this interview Anne.


Even though the link took me there, I'm pretty sure it should say earthfiles, not earthflies. :)

The most astounding thing was a comment near the end of the show by Linda regarding the Mayans and their disappearance.

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