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Friday August 29, 2014

Genetically Engineered Food: Vintage Dreamland from 2000

In 2000, Dreamland was one of the first places where the alarm was sounded on genetically engineered foods. Since then, the genfoods industry has used its vast wealth to turn back any and all attempts to enforce labeling. So the question is still relevant: how do we tell the difference between genfoods and ordinary foods in the grocery store aisle?

Listen as authors Ronnie Cummins of OrganicConsumers.org and Ben Lilliston of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy tell us how to avoid genfoods. Get their book from Amazon--it's still VERY relevant! Click here to learn more.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and this prophetic Dreamland from fifteen years ago!

Coming next week, Catherine Austin Fitts on the black budget, the cost of the breakaway civilization that might be vastly increasing the federal debt. Why did Donald Rumsfeld quietly announce just a week before 911 that the Pentagon had lost four billion dollars?

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Stewards of the Soul

Whitley Strieber reads from an essay he is working on about the familiar short 'blue' beings who are so much a part of both European folklore and the alien encounter phenomenon, and what role they may play in the stewardship of the human soul. This is the essay he was working on when Linda Moulton Howe sent him the 'gnome' photos, which, of course, imply that some sort of reality is unfolding that we do not understand at all, and that it seeks to intensify the questions that surround the whole mystery of our relationship with 'others' and their connection to reality.

Fascinating, exciting stuff!

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Wonderful and important interview shows, thank you!

Wonderful choice! You and Anne and you guest, Ronnie Cummins, were light years ahead of many of us on this one! As sad as it is that it seems to be taking so long given the criticisms and growing amount of scientific evidence -- still -- It must be rewarding to see some of the fruits of your labor manifesting today! This show is as relevant as it was when it was recorded.

Why? Why indeed?

You are right about Stewards of the Soul being fascinating. Extraordinary and well told.

Just a small correction but significant. Donald Rumsfield announced 2.3 trillion of unaccounted dollars. Which seriously changes the landscape for the breakaway civilization over the stated 4 billion.

After listening to Stewards of the Soul and enjoying it on several levels, I am convinced that "mystery" is very important for us. Not "mystery" as in the macabre murder mysteries so popular in TV shows, but everyday mysteries that happen in our own homes, woods and dreams. The wedges in the doorways of ordinary realiy. The lights seen out of the corner of the eye, the unusual beings that visit with us in seeming waking reality, synchronicities and an astounding curiosity that comes from a place in us that wasn't taught by our family or our schools. Anomolies that split open the "rules" of reality.

I encountered a group of frog faced trolls in my bedroom one night. I quickly assumed they were up to no good and I did my best to disallow them any access to me. Sure enough they left and never returned. I thought it was a victory for me. But now, years later I'm not so sure. Until I build up a bravery for facing the mysterious I may be losing out on that higher education that only those who are ready can get.

Listened to the subscriber interview last night. G, Whitley --- you got enough ideas in there for 10 chapters! Gotta work on those transitions for people like me who are reading/listening? challenged! Having said that . . . where to start? I like the premise . . . of the chapter -- but trying to explain your thought process about such a complex and shifting phenomenon/s is a monumental task!

Don't know what to think about the little blue ?worker b/s you call trolls. The photo you received, timely or not, does not show a frog-faced creature -- nor a human face. In fact, it looks, in many ways, like a bird-like being (kinda wld explain its extra-ordinary transit powers). Its head looks a lot (to me) like a bird shape w/bird eyes and is so large as to make one wonder how its legs cld support the head, let alone the body as well (and yet bird legs support a lot of weight).

As for them being possible "stewards" of our soul -- as in keepers of souls? doing the bidding of their masters?

Your description of the horror store chills me to the bone. It sounds like there was some kind of portal there and it was showing you something that connects with several of the stories you mention but do not understand (like the dream with the dark blue building that they seem determined to keep you away from). For what its worth -- any gut feeling that the man being pulled back behind the curtain was Tesla?

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