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Saturday December 4, 2010

The LA Contrail: Jim Marrs Says It WAS a Missile

Jim Marrs has been interviewing experts about the contrail that rose from the sea 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles on November 8, and he is convinced that it was a missile. He has even learned the probable type of missile involved. So far, the FAA has not taken the simple step of announcing exactly which flight created the contrail. Is this because of indifference to public concerns, or is it because it would turn out that no flight was actually in the area at the time? Listen as Jim Marrs and Whitley Strieber have a wide-ranging discussion about why this might have been a missile and what might be transpiring under the surface of world affairs that might have induced another country to send a warning shot across America's bows.

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LA UFO Spectacular on the Night of the Contrail

Close encounter witness "Darrin" lives near Los Angeles and late on the night of November 8, he and his wife witnessed an extraordinary UFO event. When they later found out about the contrail, they had some thoughts about a possible connection that they share with us here. It is worth remembering that our visitors have been taking an interest in our nuclear programs, as shown by the press conference held by Robert Salas and a number of other retired Air Force personnel on September 27. Subscribers can listen to Linda Moulton Howe's report on the conference in the Dreamland archives. Dreamland, Oct. 22.

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1.China shoots down an American F-22.
2.China launches a missle off the US coast.
3.No apparent response or defence by the USA.

One wonders if China was also showing off its cyberwarfare capability. That it is capable
of launching these attacks without being detected ahead of time.

its indeed thrilling to hear whitley and jim marrs and "darrin" discuss this matter ....i have been tuned into this dimension of awareness since budd hopkins and whitley's publications of the eighties and before that in the seventies when i'd come across stuff by adamski and others....and yet i have never witnessed anything in the sky or on the ground or in my bedroom.... i remain an avid skeptical " believer" in all this...and whitleys commentary on world affairs and the economy and global warming,etc., i find thoroughly sane , deeply aware and loving.... i am thrilled to be a subscriber at last...thank you...p. s. i have noticed that whitley was once immersed in the teachings of gurdjieff and i wonder if he has read krishnamurti........

I haven't heard anyone mention the possibility of China or an Iran, N. Korea "rogue" state launching a missle as a test run for an EMP attack. Or a warning to our government that it can be done at any time.

When I saw the contrail footage, I immediately thought it was a Chinese nuclear sub launching a rocket with a dummy warhead as a warning linked to the devaluation of the US dollar vs the Chinese Yuan.

Scenario: Chinese troops invade Seattle via giant container ship and take the Northwest in 3 days. Justification: Seizure of collateral because the US cannot repay debt owed to them. Troops use civilian vehicles. Civilians are rounded up and kept in concentration camps. Chinese "militant immigrant forces" are brought ashore to occupy new Chinese territory and establish a Chinese state settlement. Ironically, the Chinese honor the land rights of the local American Indians, but close down their casinos. The border with Canada is kept open. There is no counter-attack, partly out of fear of civilian casualties and partly out of knowing the seizure was justified. A perimeter is set up and soon trade is established and repatriation of civilian prisoners takes place. This could be a great book or even a movie a la "Red Dawn". What is scary is that it is too plausible. The veil between fiction and reality is too thin.

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