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Friday March 21, 2014

Kirk Sigurdson's High Strangeness Life

Like Whitley Strieber, Kirk Sigurdson has led a life of high strangeness--but, boy, is it different from Whitley's! A WILD show!

This week, a great new guest, Kirk Sigurdson, in one of the most information-packed and unusual interviews we have ever put on the air. Kirk has lived a life half in the ordinary world and half in a very different place. Listen as he tells us the enthralling, moving and concerning story of strange childhood encounters, bigfoot and UFO experiences, hauntings, a chilling experience with a Ouija board and much more. But be warned: these are not just stories that could have been made up. Most of them are multiple-witness encounters, and not only that, while they are different from Whitley Strieber's stories, there is an uncanny resemblance from beginning to end.

Dreamland at its most provocative.

Get Kirk's book Kultus at his website Kultusbook.com, or wherever books are sold.

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The Secrets of High Strangeness

Some of the most incredible experiences you will ever hear described. What happens when a Ouija board unleashes something you can't get rid of? And how do you react when, after waiting for Bigfoot to show up, he does--and is then chased off by two of the most terrifying humanoid aliens ever described? And how do you react to a landlady who tells you, frankly, that if you experience hauntings in a house you are renting, she will NOT let you out of the lease?

And, above all, why do people like Whitley, Kirk and so many of us Unknowncountry subscribers HAVE these weird, weird experiences? What does Kirk think? And just how seriously should our experiences be taken? Are we in some kind of trouble, or is a life in high strangeness a gift?

These are some of the most chilling stories you will ever hear. And Kirk, who is good at mimicking sounds, will demonstrate bigfoot noises that he has heard on his many exploratory journeys deep into the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

And as far as backpacking into Skookum Meadow is concerned--maybe you'd better listen to this first...

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This is really, really good stuff. Kirk is articulate and a great storyteller. And note that there is a LOT of multiple witness here including something many close encounter witnesses will find familiar: shared dreams. I enjoying doing this one a lot, so, Kirk, welcome to Dreamland!

Yes, very good shows! Also, I am looking forward to the upcoming JOHN HOGUE ~ "UPDATES" Shows!!! So many, many things coming to pass (the "Predictions 2014" and the "Predictions 2013-2014" ebooks by John)...

It is possible the "blonds" who intervened with Bigfoot near Crescent City were discouraging Bigfoot from getting too familiar with humans for the hairy brother's own good. Homo erectus didn't fare well after the species got too close to the ET colonists in Sumer, according to Zecharia Sitchin. If Kirk had been in the woods calling Bigfoot for a few days, he might have attracted the attention of Bigfoot and the monitors who care for the species. Kirk's intention to satisfy his curiosity may have been ostensibly harmless, but the unintended consequences of blowing the cover off Bigfoot's wilderness sanctuary could be more severe for Sasquatch. Hmmm... I wonder if Bigfoot moves to another area after an encounter like that? It's something to think about.

Kirk's book sounds fascinating... But, I think I'll wait until tomorrow during the daytime to have a look at it. (Great show Whitley and Anne!)

You are right, Whitley. That was an excellent interview. However, as a *tenured* college professor, my heart goes out to him. Academia can be very political. I hope that his tenure committee does not use this stuff against him.

Let me point out: It's not just academia that is political. These days, there are not too many professions or jobs that don't take a look at employee's views and experiences, and they are checking out their employees on the internet too. While I am not totally in the closet about my odd life experiences, I use the moniker 'Cosmic Librarian' for a reason when I am online. I also work for a publicly funded institution so I must use caution, and in my line of work I am not even protected by tenure, but I would like to make it to full vesting on my retirement!

Great show. I would love to hear more of Kirk's Bigfoot experiences. His descriptions certainly makes their existence seem entirely real. I read or heard somewhere that Bigfoot were originally created by genetic experiments done in Atlantean times. That they are a cross between humans and apes and not a happy species but one that is barley surviving and ready to go extinct. My heart goes out to them. I like that they may have protectors.

All I'll say about big foot is too many people try to judge a book by its cover. Superficial impressions usually count for nothing. Is beauty always skin deep?

Besides John Hoque's soon return, I was listening to Whitley and Joseph P. Farrell from the last time he was on for the Financial Vipers of Venice. Whitley did sort of promise to have Joseph on soon to discuss the Breakaway Civilizations/Clash of Civilizations material.
That would be great!

I wish I lived in the Portland area so I could take Prof. Sigurdson's class!
I wonder if his school would allow for him to teach a class in just the study of "The Supernatural," not necessarily in the writing program. Probably not..... too 'unscholarly.'

Loved, loved, loved this show! I look forward to hearing more from Kirk in the future. And I cannot wait for his books to arrive...yes, I have already ordered them!

Loved, loved, loved this show! I look forward to hearing more from Kirk in the future. And I cannot wait for his books to arrive...yes, I have already ordered them!

This show was fantastic. Bring him back!

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