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Thursday July 3, 2014

July 4th Special: Whitley Interviews Alien Hunter Flynn Carroll

Whitley Strieber interviews Flynn Carroll, the master alien hunter of the books Alien Hunter and Alien Hunter: Underworld, about why he finds it necessary to hunt some aliens as if they were criminals, and just what sort of crimes aliens might commit.

The next book in the Alien Hunter series, Alien Hunter: Underworld, is due to be published August 5. This interview with the main character in the book, expert alien hunter Flynn Carroll, reveals Whitley's understanding of the dark side of the contact experience and why it may be that certain of our visitors choose to go down a very dangerous path when dealing with us.

You can pre-order Alien Hunter: Underworld from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or at your local bookstore. It is available as a hardcover book and as an electronic book.

This show is being made available from July 3 for those who would like to download or listen before the 4th. Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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Our Future with the Visitors

In this amazing talk, soaring with insight and filled with knowledge, Whitley Strieber discusses the true nature of the close encounter experience and, above all, its meaning, with candor and joy. Join with him on this amazing journey. He has understood some deep truths about close encounter, what it means, and where it is taking us.

When an intelligence officer asked a visitor what was on offer for mankind, the answer was 'a new world, if you can take it.' That is to say, if we can wrest it out of their hands, and if we can bear it if we do.

Here, Whitley tells us exactly what it is that we must take, how do do that, and how to approach the future the way Whitley does, completely without fear.

This show is being made available a day early for those who wish to download it prior to the holidays. Have a great Fourth of July!

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I'm looking forward to reading Alien Hunter: Underworld. The first book was a crackerjack yarn, as they used to say.

As usual, Whitley, I suspect your "fiction" is really more "faction". I sometimes despair that so many of us seem to have been deliberately "soul blinded". All this preoccupation with the physical aspects of the phenomenons seems similar to "false flag events", a distraction.

I am elderly now, but still recall with startling clarity my first contact with an unusual being at age 3-4 yrs. We seemed to be observing each other with intense wonder & curiosity. I felt no fear within myself nor malice emanating from this being. I thought it was beautiful & graceful. It was only years later that I "learned" this form carried the label of "preying mantis".

This was a great read! My husband and I enjoyed listening together via audiobook. You really fleshed out the characters and we became invested in their lives. Lots of turns and suspense throughout!
I read (and listen) a lot, and this book stood out as one that will stay with me. Now on to Alien Hunter 2.

Enlightenment, Awakening, whatever you want to call it, because when you are there, there are no words that can touch it, is the only goal in life worth achieving. So many are coming to this place! How utterly exciting for us all!

I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's program for subscribers. Very insightful! Thank you.

Fascinating and Fun!

Egyptian Hieroglyphics were wonderful. I wish that Unicode included it. I have to include images instead.

You are an amazing man. So well said. I have deep admiration for you and your beloved Anne. Thank you.

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