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Friday April 4, 2014

John Hogue: Is War Coming??

When he was last with us, John Hogue promised to return with his 2014 Prediction. He has and they are intense. Whitley Strieber comments, "When John told me that he thought 2014 would be a lot like 1914 when World War One started, I thought that he was overstating the case. But as the weeks have passed, we have seen a situation develop in the Ukraine that's very much like what was happening in the Balkans during the first half of 1914. Then, in July, the Archduke Franz-Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. Nobody expected a world war to come out of that event, but it did. The parallels between the Ukraine of 2014 and the Balkans of 1914 are disturbing."

Listen and Whitley and John discuss the unthinkable: could we be on the verge of another great war, far worse than anybody right now could possible imagine? And listen to the words of an uncannily accurate but almost unknown prophet who has made this very claim.

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A Shocking John Hogue Prophecy

Next week, Linda Moulton Howe will present a devastating report on Fukushima and what happened to some US naval personnel who got too close to the accident site. This week, John Hogue has a surprisingly accurate warning about the actual dangers being faced because of the plant's meltdown. Bearing in mind that John's prophecy was recorded before Linda's report, this is startling.

Then he and Whitley and Anne Strieber talk about the danger of earthquakes along the Pacific Coast--again, the show was recorded 2 weeks before the current quake swarm started.

A prophet at work, up close and personal. Highly unusual material.

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Forewarned, thanks for the heads up John!

I have a double grand cross in my astrological chart. I was told, when I finally found someone who could interpret this to me, that it means that you Wake Up or you WAKE UP! Looks like we humans are in that place of choice. I vote for WAKING UP!

A little off topic but still connected - a few days ago I noticed a large poster taped to the inside of the glass entry door to the office of my apt complex. It states, "if you see something, say something, fight terrorism" in large bold red letters.

The management recently conducted so-called "safety inspections" which purportedly were to check plumbing, wiring & appliances; but what they actually did was an unreasonable search - rifling through closets, cabinets, shelves, even the contents of the fridge, etc. When I tried to politely voice a complaint to the manager, he responded that the management had to be sure I wasn't concealing any hazardous/illegal materials and if I didn't comply I could be evicted!

Then another in the group of five that invaded my privacy under a ruse said that AARP on facebook is a RICOH organization, ending with "that was a joke". Implying that seniors (which I am) who join AARP are joining a criminal conspiracy.

You're not wearing blinders - you know this is no longer "the land of the free", that "the rule of law" no longer exists in our government & agencies. Americans are now living in a thinly veiled dictatorship, but most won't fully realize it until it physically invades their personal space. What happened here is indicative of what's happening all across America.

McCarthyism of the fifties has reincarnated - instead of a "commie" behind every door, there is now a "terrorist" behind every door!

Just loved this dreamland. And I've never been that much of a fan of John Hogue. But once again the
subscribers have stepped forward and made me smile. Yes, the pink light has pierced the heads of one more human. xoxo

War's coming sure enough.

It's not real though is it? I mean, it's just a shadow play, an act, to create the new rate of growth that the banking system needs to perpetuate the extant tone and level of civilisation that we see around us.

No, civilisation doesn't grow on trees, but I can't say I want to kill anyone. Once you see that you are herded into emotional reactions, they lose power over you.

The only way to win is not to take part.

Thanks, John, for being your authentic self in these interviews!

John always has interesting information and insights, but this time I felt his soul come through, and it was a welcome change that also portrayed his own sense of urgency regarding reality during this window of time.

For a long time I wondered about John's mysterious 'Oracle', and I gained a much better understanding this time around, because it is something that anyone can learn to do, but it does take time, a broad base of knowledge, experience, tools (for him, astrology), and also intuition. He has learned how to simply follow time lines and their various outcomes. Starfire Tor also does this, except she is into conscious manipulation of the time-lines, whereas John is much more the observer who influences by the power of his observation, as odd as that sounds. (Remember Schroedinger's Cat). His observations entail bringing many of us into observation mode as well. As a power observer myself, I am embarrassed to say I don't know why I did not pick up on his 'oracle' a long time ago. :-)

This was not a scary interview, but an empowering one! So, the next time you are advised to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or allow yourself to get distracted by 'reality' TV and latest media-driven-event-of-no-importance, stop and pull back that curtain.

I want to believe that our consciousness, in positive, hopeful meditation can affect the future of our planet and our people. I have no choice but to pray for enlightenment for mankind.

Here is a beautiful piece I wanted to share with everyone:


Conscious Evolution and the Cabal's Fears

The new religion and the new inquisitors are the environmentalist cults. Throw away common sense and believe what they tell you.

With all due respect to John Hogue he knows nothing about Ukraine. Yes there are elements of Fascism in Ukraine just like there are in many countries. Are they in power? Not a chance. I was in Maidan, I have Russian Ethnic family in Ukraine and I have both Ethnic Russian and Ukraine friends that live in Ukraine. I personally don't trust any major power but John is drinking the Koo-laid that Putin's propaganda machine has been spitting out.

With all due respect to John Hogue he knows nothing about Ukraine. Yes there are elements of Fascism in Ukraine just like there are in many countries. Are they in power? Not a chance. I was in Maidan, I have Russian Ethnic family in Ukraine and I have both Ethnic Russian and Ukraine friends that live in Ukraine. I personally don't trust any major power but John is drinking the Koo-laid that Putin's propaganda machine has been spitting out.

Mr. Hogue is more about politics than prophesy. IMO.

The Good Judgment Project™ (This is VERY interesting).


My husband's paternal grandparents were first-generation Ukrainian Americans. They fled the Ukraine because they were tired of being conscripted to fight for one side or another, as the country was taken over by others time and again throughout history. Family and fairness were their guiding lights.

As for fascism, we may find greater concentrations of it elsewhere.

For what it's worth, I hope we get back to the topic of the visitors. There are enough "Future Prediction" sites out there and they all have a horrible batting average. Hogue predicted the Iraq war and Saddam as the third World War and the anti-Christ respectively. Anybody keeping count? Nahh, never mind, next book with "sure-fire" predictions is coming out.

If war does come I'd say you must be realistic. Bill Clinton once said you have to accept the facts for what they are and not for what you'd like them to be when dealing with world affairs. Good advice!

It bothers me that this man can speak so calmly when actually predicting a nuclear war! Is he serious, or is this just some sort of intellectual exercise. Seems like if he really believed this was going to happen he'd be terrified. I would be.

Being terrified does not get the job done nor allow us to do the things we need to do. We all must have clear heads to come up with solutions. Fear can motivate, but being terrified can often paralyze people from doing anything at all. I never thought I would ever defend John Hogue, so this is a first.

For people who can connect and see outcomes on Timelines it takes courage. Acting terrified adds unneeded drama that leads nowhere.

P.S. If you are not used to listening to John Hogue: I did pick up on his concern in ways that I have never heard in previous interviews.

I am perennially baffled as to why paranormal subjects seem to attract a majority of an audience which is both conspiracy and apocalypse oriented. Again and again I see people like you fully investing in hysterical, incorrect predictions like Y2K, Bird Flu disaster, 12/21/2012 Mayan Apocalypse, etc. and now, of course, you're all investing in Hogue's BS about "inevitable war". Just how do you rationalize things each time you're wrong? Just how many times do you have to be wrong before you finally get it into your heads that these predictions are nonsense? Again and again, you believe in predictions that do not occur. I'm guessing it's because you are addicted to drama; it satisfies some malignantly narcissistic need for you to feel that you are living in some period of ultimate historical significance.

Prophets make a living out of predicting catastrophes, but when catastrophes do happen, no prophet saw them coming, the terror attacks on the World Trade Center very much a case in point. Prophets have a credibility problem, now more than ever.
Have faith in Hogue's prophecies? Maybe you should consider these gems:

The next president will die in office, most likely in his first term. (1994)
The next president will not be assassinated. He will succumb to health problems, perhaps heart trouble, or he will die in some air accident. (1994)
President Gore will have a woman as his vice president. (1992)
A woman will be president much sooner than anyone expects. She will not be elected, but will become president upon the death of the president elected in 2000. (1994)
Hillary Clinton will be a president of the United States before 2010. (1998)


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