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Friday July 22, 2011

The JFK UFO Connection

One of the strangest and most ominous of all the strange stories about America's hidden history starts with an early UFO incident known as the 'Maury Island Incident,' and ends with the catastrophic death of John F. Kennedy. It is little known that JFK was actually among the very greatest revolutionaries in history. He was about to end the Federal Reserve, and he was about to disclose the truth about UFOs. Taken together, these two things would have changed our world completely, setting us on a completely different path. Instead, he was assassinated in Dealy Plaza--and Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who investigated the assassination--discovered that an enigmatic participant in one of the first and weirdest UFO incidents, the Maury Island Incident, was also friendly with Lee Harvey Oswald and may have participated in the Kennedy assassination.

Listen as Whitley Strieber gets the skinny from Kenn Thomas, author of JFK & UFO. As Whitley says so often on Dreamland, "Fasten your seatbelts, folks, we're in for quite a ride!"

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Kennedy, UFOs and the Masters of Deception

This fascinating, astonishing, inspiring interview will blow you away. It's that simple. From the moment that Whitley Strieber and Kenn Thomas start talking until the beautiful, unexpected and extremely powerful last few words, you will be on a journey into truth unlike any you have experienced before. Our world is being destroyed by masters of deception and the people who serve them, and the only way to find our way out of the deadly labyrinth that they have created is to learn and undestand. That's what this great interview is all about.

The accompanying video is Dorothy Kilgallen's last appearance on What's My Line. Later that night, allegedly drunk and loaded with barbituates, she died. Her husband and others who knew her maintained that absolutely nothing was wrong with her. Watch for yourself. Does she look or sound drunk or out of sorts in any way? No. Only one thing is wrong with her: she has just completed her manuscript about the Kennedy Assassination and told friends that she has cracked the case and what she knows will rock the world.

Watch her. While she was doing this show, she knew the truth that we have all been struggling to find ever since. And she died for it.

In Whitley's interview with Kenn, there is a glimpse of the hidden dark presence that is behind the endless deceptions that are destroying mankind. Listen and learn.

Kenn Thomas's website is Steamshovelpress.com.

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"Does she look or sound drunk or out of sorts in any way? No."

Working games shows during the 1980's and knowing what I know about the celeb's that participated on Games Shows...

None of them, including the Hosts, ever looked drunk or stoned or out of sorts. But they were.

... "she (Dorothy Kilgallen) has just completed her manuscript about the Kennedy Assassination and told friends that she has cracked the case and what she knows will rock the world."

Was she silenced? Without a doubt.

... as soon as I heard about Mansfield...

"Rumors that Mansfield was decapitated are untrue, though she did suffer severe head trauma. This urban legend was spawned by the appearance in police photographs of a crashed automobile with its top virtually sheared off, and what resembles a blonde-haired head tangled in the car's smashed windshield."

Her family has been fighting this urban legend for decades.

Next time you tell your audience to turn the show off I will.

I think it's clear that both Kilgallen and Monroe were killed because of what they knew but what puzzles me is why would Kilgallen tell friends that "she has cracked the case and what she knows will rock the world?" Surely she knew how dangerous it was to have information of that magnitude. She was too intelligent and worldly to be that naive'. Something is wrong with this part of the story, imo.

The Kennedy assassination is so convoluted and wild. I was 15 in 1963 and remember it like it was yesterday. I'm not sure about the UFO connection yet but I do agree that this country has been on a downward spiral ever since.

It's great to see a glimpse of how intelligent, respectful, and civilized television used to be in the era when the Kennedy brothers walked the earth--one more poignant example of how far we have fallen since their termination by whomever wanted them silenced. "It seems the good they die young."

I sometimes wonder if some evil hand went back in time, to Kill Kennedy. His death, was clearly, a focal point, for our civilization...So many other evils followed his death....

It would also be a a pivotal event to undue if time travel becomes possible in the future...

For those that suffer more than just a tad of paranoia, I am one, there are also the deaths of Paul Wellstone, Mel Carnahan, John Kennedy Jr. And John Tower all of light plane crashes...

You know, the small minority like Mr Strieber who actually understand and 'see' 'what is going on' but never quite completely 'kiss and tell' can't be blamed.

I'm not one of, 'them'.

What am I rattling on about? Thank god (small g) you asked the question, since you seem reluctant to ask it elsewhere.

Curious about this whole area? Watch 'Jaws' (1975). Learn, not only, to protect yourself but also your tribe, your genepool. Learn how to live 2-3000 years. Learn how to feed, like a subtle predator.

How? Why, all you need do is deny the dominant culture/race knowledge of a threat and, bit by bit, the dominant culture fades away, courtesy of your non-friendly neighbourhood predator, leaving you to feed from easy pickings.

This is a predatorial Universe. Some beings live for thousands of years courtesy of the ship-jumping life plasma of higher conscious beings.

Mr Strieber has done his best, under the constraints forced upon him. I raised the lid a bit.

Watch 'Jaws' again.

Yes, I remember that this was a different country before 11/22/1963. If you are too young, you can't possibly understand what the killing of John F. Kennedy did to our country. I was a freshman in high school and before my adult life had even started the country and the game had changed right out from under us. Can you imagine what would have been different if President Kennedy and his brother Bobby had not been murdered. What a different world this would have been!!!!

I agree. I found myself really enjoying this little TV clip - wondering whether or not they were going to figure out the occupation, enjoying the fashions, and the little digs the men made at each other. The Bible warns us against judging each other because it is bad for us and bad for society, and that is what so much of TV has become - putting peoples lives on display for us to judge them - so-called reality shows, celeb rags and sensationalized court cases. I'm sorry if it was a farce and they were all drunks, but I do appreciate at least the code of morality we seem to have lost.

Excellent interviews, but do have to say none of this is new, Jim Marrs has talked extensively about eveything in these interviews. He wrote about most of it in his book Crossfire a number of years ago.

I also remember how things were before JFK was killed. How people thought, how they lived and at least in my parents case, what their hopes were. I do believe all of that changed because of his death. Then the escalation of Viet Nam took place and the policial assassinations in 1968, well if anyone doubted deliberate power transfer wasn't taking place these things convinced everybody that was exactly what was happening. I've always felt JFK's killing was a break in the flow of time, almost like it shouldn't have happened at all but for some reason it did. In an alternate universe somewhere the real United States and the world at large is a vastly different place because none of these tragic events took place. Of course, that doesn't do the world here any good at all does it.

Von Hausenberg
Your perspective is on a level beyond interesting. Are you a writer? Do you have other perceptions to share?
Harry Monell

Good show, as always.

This BLEW ME AWAY...thanks so much for sharing this information.

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