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Saturday January 9, 2010

Intelligence Community Child Abuse Pt. 1

We begin a two week exploration of whether or not children have ever been utilized by US intelligence agencies in abusive programs. Have children been the victims of brainwashing, drug and mind control experiments?

There is more evidence right now that children have been abused in secret experiments than there was that adults were fed plutonium prior to Eileen Welsome's publication of the Plutonium Experiments.

That book won her a Pulitzer Prize and led to a presidential apology to the victims of those experiments.

It has proved more difficult to find hard evidence of official child abuse, in part due to the ferocious defense the intelligence community has mounted, and in part due to the work of organizations that claim that childhood memories of abuse are invalid.

Listen carefully this and next week's shocking programs. Somewhere, there must be an investigative reporter with the capability of doing for the victims of this abuse what Eileen Welsome did for the plutonium experiment victims.

John Rappoport's websites are NoMorFakeNews.com, and InSolutions.info.

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