Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday April 17, 2010

Implant Proof

Whitley Strieber knows that implants are real because one was placed in his body that doctors have been unable to remove, but have been able to determine is not natural. But that's a step away from what this Dreamland is about, because the much-studied implant removed from the body of scientist "John Smith" can now be shown to be something from another world.

Listen as Dr. Robert Koontz, Dr. Roger Leir and the anonymous scientist explain to Whitley Strieber why the object taken from the scientist cannot have been manufactured on earth.

The fact that the media, the government and the general scientific community scoffs at this reality means little. Science has been scoffing in the wrong direction for centuries. The established scientific community was wrong about the earth revolving around the sun, it was wrong about the origin of meteors, it was wrong about the nature of fossils and it was wrong about electricity.

It is also wrong about the alien presence. They are here and they are very clever at concealing themselves, utilizing both technology and social control to do so. They have played a great part in making their own existence "rejected knowledge," thus giving themselves a free hand to do things like place a sophisticated communications device into the body of a scientist working in a sensitive area of research.

Dreamland is the only place in the world where this reality--so vital to the human future and so important to every one of us--is being discussed in a sane and rational manner. Don't miss this program.

Dr. Koontz' website is www.doctorkoontz.com.

Dr Leir's website is AlienScalpel.com.

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