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Friday March 16, 2012

How to REALLY Contact the Other Side

Signs from the afterlife are everywhere, but you have to know how to look. Here, Rob and Trish McGregor share with Marie D. Jones and with us their discoveries about making genuine, repeatable and understandable contact with the other side. Syncrhonicity plays a huge role in the process, but you have to notice what is being said to you in the hidden language of the dead. When you learn this language, you'll be amazed at how easy it actually is to come into contact with those on the other side who are trying to connect with you.

Rob and Trish McGregor's website is Synchrosecrets.com.

Their blogs can be found here.

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The Connection between the Dead and the Visitors

One of the most startling sections of Whitley Strieber's new book Solving the Communion Enigma is the part that concerns the connection between the close encounter experience and encounters with the dead. Here, Rob and Trish MacGregor and Whitley tell some of these informative and revealing stories, and Trish lets us know about something that happened to her at one of healer Eric Pearl's seminars that is just completely unforgettable. Who are the dead? Where are they? And what on--or off--earth do they have to do with the visitors? This show is a real eye-opener.

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"Who are the dead?" A fairly pivotal question, since if we answer that, we also answer the all-important question, "who are we?"

After going thru the loss of my pooch Tigger, which was crushing... I found a feather outside where I was walking. For me, feathers are the message bearers brought by owls or hawks. When I picked it up..I heard a voice in my head. "I love you daddy, I miss you daddy. Dont be sad."
Ugh... it was a bittersweet moment.


Thank you for such a great program. I think "the dead" is a misnomer. It sounds artificially separating, or putting into a conceptual box what I believe is a fluid continuum of experience. The 'dead' have moved back to another level, or dimension, or vibration, or frequency, from which we all emerge. They are here. As noted by Madd Matt, the truly mysterious question is who and what are WE? As Whitley says, we are most likely embedded in an infinitely vast reality, and we have only a 'key-hole' view of things, for whatever reason - - perhaps to find our way back to our own eternal essence. To find our way through Dante's 'dark woods'.

I don't know what I think about the dead being able to watch over us, whether it be our parents, friends or whatever. My friend's second marriage never got off to a good start because she constantly wondered if her deceased husband was looking over her shoulder during her intimate moments with her new lover. And I've often wondered that myself.

I don't want to reoccur on the earth again, I'm done with earth, I will move on!

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